No way to personalize radio stations (premium, windows)

No way to personalize radio stations (premium, windows)







(Windows 10 PC, Google Nexus 6P mobile phone)

Operating System

(Windows 10, Android 8.1.0)


My Question or Issue


Hello, on the Spotify Premium app for Windows 10 while listening to song radio (incidentally, it has become very difficult to create a new song station) the thumbs up/thumbs down have disappeared. This is also true for my Android app. Neither thumbs up/down nor a "heart" or "crossed out circle" icon appear for me, and there appears to be no way to personalize the station at all. In either Windows or Android.


I have removed and installed the latest version of both the Windows and Android apps today, Sunday January 27, 2019, and the problem still exists. How can I personalize stations now?


See the attached screenshot for an example.

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Same here. Please, We need an answer for this.

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