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Not able to play some songs

Not able to play some songs







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Windows 10


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I am not able to play some songs in windows
and those songs are not showing in android app

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Hi @Manas77,


That doesn't seem right. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? Is the same issue happening with other songs you want to listen to?


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I am able to play other songs but not able to play some songs both in windows and Android app

That's pretty strange. Could you share the links to the songs on this thread? So if you could click on three dots at end of song and choose share option. I've shown how to do it here in this attachment. I'll check to see if I can play those songs on my desktop app. I should be able to play the songs. What you could try is a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your desktop and phone if you have not already. If it hasn't resolved then please post in this thread again.Screenshot (305).png

oh when i am trying to play from here it showing 

thats sad. is there any way to cancel my suscription ?

The songs are playing just fine for me. I don't know exactly why the songs are not playing for you but it seems to be a regional unavailability of songs. In the meantime, here is a link on how to cancel your subscription:

I hope that this experience will not put you off subscribing to Spotify premium again in the future!


Best wishes,



its sad
bought spotify premium just to find that most of my fav songs are not available 😕

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