Not able to play specific playlist

Not able to play specific playlist








Operating System

Windows 7


My Question or Issue

 I have an issue with just one playlist (And that's why we drink - podcast). Other playlists either created by me or taken from the main page do work. This playlists plays on my phone, and I think because I accidentally wanted to play it through my phone (android), which did not work out, it got somehow locked.


The songs on in appear stuck, the time bar is not progressing at all and there is no sound.


I tried clean re-installation, logging out and in and reconnecting devices (my phone) but nothing works. The phone doesn't work like a pilot for PC and after going back to playing the music on my phone, everything is normal. Playing other songs and playlists do work.


PS: there is no 'region locked' message popping up and.


EDIT: The playlist is playing after waiting almost 10 minutes, but each time I switch a song, it freezes again and then plays again.

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