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Not all of my local files will add to Spotify

Not all of my local files will add to Spotify

I'm using a Windows 10 Desktop and for this past week I haven't been able to play most of my local files on Spotify (Only lets me play 25/72). I've gone through many different posts, trying out different solutions and none of them work (I've tried deleting the local-files.bnk file many, many times, I've tried installing QuickTime and other recommended installations like a codec, but didn't work, I've tried quick and clean reinstallations, didn't work. Even moving the files to a different folder and deleting the original folder, copying and pasting the songs somewhere else and deleting the originals, and moving them to a different source, but all of these didn't work). I've tried to play the files (Which are all .mp3) on different media players and there wasn't any problem there. But I can play them perfectly fine on my phone and I've played the songs fine on my desktop before the problem started. I seriously don't know what else I could do at this point.

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