Not playing songs, Going from bad to worse


Not playing songs, Going from bad to worse







Brand new Windows 10 PC

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Windows 10


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Originally my windows spotify app was randomly not playing certain songs, after doing some google fu i tried a few troubleshooting suggestions. I did a fresh install and deleted the data in my hidden "appdata" folder. After doing the fresh install i turned off "enable hardware accelleration" as well. Now absolutly nothing plays at all.... i also tried using the web player and that also plays nothing at all... this is really annoying. I have tried playing different songs from a variety of artists and nothing works. 


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holy **bleep** thank you! You have ended a week long headache! Spotify really needs to figure out this out and prevent it from happening. I feel like there are a lot of people out there that arent computer savvy or might not know to come here for help/arent good at googling. They are probably still stuck with this issue. 

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