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Open Spotify -> Login to Spotify -> Nothing.. HELP?

Open Spotify -> Login to Spotify -> Nothing.. HELP?

Well, now I have been reading through every "Can't open spotifuggle" threads I can find! But no help to get!
Just today when I was going to login to my spotifuggle"Premium"Account, nothing happend, I tried several times and even re-installing the whole program, but still- Nothing. It's a really annoying problem, since I'm paying for this..

-So, do some of you have any WORKING solutions to fix this? And DO NOT tell me, to try re-installing it over and over again by following these Instructions, I know how to install a program, but I also tried following the steps(Which only tells you to do exacly what I use to do by the way).

-So now, what to do? It's been like this all day now, and I'm getting really tired of it. I'm on vacation ATM and it's **bleep**ing snow everywhere so I just want to sit inside, listen to music- But NO!

What, to do?

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Sorry to hear that you are running into this. Could you tell us on what sort of device are you running Spotify on? Just a Windows machine, as I can see from your tag? What version? 

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-Pacard Bell EasyNote TJ65 (Old as **bleep** but works perfectly)
-Windows 7 Home Premium


Very odd. Nothing out of the ordinary on your account or on our end. You say you are on vacation - Have you run into any other issues using some other programs at all? It's possible that there might be a firewall issue here, which would prevent you from using Spotify.
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Hmm.. I know, very annoying to!:/
No, it's a stable Internet connection over here, and I haven't had any problems with other programs.
I have checked the Firewall settings, Spotify should tecnicaly be fine.. But if it was beeing blocked by a Firewall, the program would "START UP", but I would just be able to search or anything. But the issue here is that when I click on the Spotify Icon, the Login-window shows up and everything seems fine, but after I type in my username and password I hit the "Login/on" button, and nothing happens, the loginwindow closes....

-I tried open up taskmanager to check if there was a Spotify Process running, but it's not, just the Spotify Help thingy...

So, I have been reding some more, and everybody who had the same problem as me, usualy just waited a day or two, and then Spotify would work fine, now I have been waiting and trying all day-everyday, but nothing, tried restarting computer, over and over again, un-installing and installing, but still.. nothing, and I'm paying for this now? I'm paying for something I can't use anymore?

-My last phone had the Spotify App, so could use it there, but I don't have that phone anymore, so I cant use spotify on my phone anymore since it's a Phone from probably the early.. yeah, 10000 years bfcb. So I have to borrow my dad's phone everytime I want to listen to music, but then I have to use the stereo in the livingroom, so can't listen to "MY" music, and I have a USB Headset for my computer, so I cant use that one on the phone either.. Now I'm going home, since it's the end of vecation, and Im going to be traveling for 23hours straight.. What the hell do I do? I figured you couldn't find a solution to my problem.

So now I ask, what the hell do I pay for? I'm suppose to be able to USE my Premium til the 15th next month....... I'm mad... very.. mad...

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