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PC <-> Mobile sync of off line playlists.

PC <-> Mobile sync of off line playlists.


Syncing of Playlists work just fine, but my question is whether syncing of musical data is supposed to work as well, so as to not use the dataplan to download the music twice, once it's been downloaded to either of the two, i.e., either the desktop app, or the mobile device? I.e, can local syncing of the off line playlists be done over a local wifi-connection, as long as both are on the same network? Swapping focus and control works just fine as well, between the two.




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My question has been clearly answered by chatting with Spotify support, and the answer is that it is Not possible to locally sync downloaded off line playlists, each device has to download from the external Spotify servers. Just for everybodys reference should the question come up again. At least this is the truth and answer as of today, would love to see this feature though, why double download and suck internet bits both from the client and the Spotify servers if it's already on the same lan?



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