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Pause then Resume delay on BT Headset

Pause then Resume delay on BT Headset

I'm running the latest version of Spotify


I'm running a fully updated Windows 10.


My hardware is a Plantronics Voyagor Focus B825-M running the latest firmware.


I have seen similar posts on the forum which are marked as solved, however as per thread-id: 146336 which was solved previously, I still have a similar problem.  A number of people have updated this other thread with the issue, but not seemed to post an new thread.


The issue is that when you pause Spotify from the BT headset you cannot resume by hitting the play button for ~20 seconds.  After this time it works OK, but this is quite a long time, when you just want to do a quick pause and resume.


I have other bluetooth headphones that I can test this with if necessary, but as you will see from the other thread, it's a common problem with other device types.


Back and Forward works fine also.


Any help appreciated.


Thanks, Matt

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Wanna back this up, same issue: spotify, House of Marley Liberate XLBT headphones.

Most BT headsets have some energy saver mode. If there is no audio within a special amount of time, energy saving is stated. When press resume the audiochannel to the BT Headset has to established. This can take its time.

Can you deactivate this somewhere in the settings of your headset?

This is defenetly not the case. Headsets can control without any issues other applications on windows(tested Foobar and Windows Media Player) and android.


Also read this page of comments in the old thread:

Yeah your right. CAN. It has to be implemented by the developer (Skype also handles this very well). Seems like it hasn't in Spotify.

Now for fast solutions, find a way yourself.

Or contact spotify and request to implement that -> very very very slow 🙂

As far as i know there's nothing i can do to fix this, so i want developers to notice that bug.

I wouldn't call that a bug. It's more a feature that has to be implemented. Words 🙂

You could also bring this in as an Idea for future implementations here:

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