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People can't see what I listen to, but I can see them

People can't see what I listen to, but I can see them

For some reason my followers cannot see what I've been listening to, even with the option "Share my activity and what I listen to with my followers on Spotify" enabled and Private session disabled. I can always see what the people I'm following are listening to, though.


Spotify Unlimited, version, Windows 8 64 bit, both on my work and home computers.


Is there any solution to this?


Thank you.

22 Replies

As @Joe said, there isn't much we can suggest you do if it all appears to be working from your computer. Versions of Spotify shouldn't make a huge difference, unless they are running something very old? 


The issue is much more likely to be with your friends clients, maybe gently suggestion one of them does a clean reinstallation and see if that makes any difference? 

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Hey, I have the same problem with my followers. They can't see my playlist history...

Hi Peter my friends also cannot see my activity. My full name is Kara Hamerstone and i log in via facebook. Can you please check that for me? Thanks!

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