People can't see what I'm listening to

People can't see what I'm listening to


people who follow me cant see my activity. "publish my activity" setting is on, im not on private session. i reinstalled but still same. my activity only gets updated in like every 20 hours, not live on feed. can't find the solution anywhere on forum. help please.




android and windows 

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Hi @tapsixx,

Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


This is a known problem and many variations of this problem have been occuring over the past few months. You can read about this ongoing issue here, but unfortunately we cannot do anything to remedy this problem, it is up to the Spotify devs to find the bug and issue a fix.


Don't hesitate to reply if you need anything else!

  1. This is ongoing for years now. Usless wasters at Spotify. I'd fire them.

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