Playlist keeps skipping back to start

Playlist keeps skipping back to start





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Windows 10


So for some reason on my Desktop app, whenever i play a playlist without shuffle (mainly the Liked Songs, don't listen to other playlists without shuffle really so don't know if the issue exists there as well) randomly resets to the beginning of the playlist after a song ends - when I look at the queue, sometimes it'll suddenly change and show the songs from the beginning of the playlist as the next up instead of the ones that should actually follow the current song, it's really annoying and i don't know what to do - I already tried reinstalling but that didn't help at all... I have 700+ songs in there, and also have Spotify on my phone, not sure if that affects anything...

I'd really like this solved as it makes listening to my most recently favorited songs a real pain, especially if I'm already a bit further down the playlist and have to find the part where it reset

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Hey @Nofabe,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


We've created an Ongoing Issue about what you've experienced and it'd be great if you'd take a look at it by clicking here.


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