Playlists appear empty on desktop app


Playlists appear empty on desktop app

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HP Pavilion Laptop

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Windows 10


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Spotify won't play any music in the app or in the web player. All of my playlists, favourite songs, and everybody else's playlists all show no songs. This is extremely frustrating. I was just thinking about upgrading to premium and now I can't play or listen to anything! I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and everything related, and it never works. There must be a problem with my account. This is extremely frustrating! Please help me fix this.


I've attached a screenshot of what spotify looks like when I click the play button on a playlist from another page. When I open a playlist, it just tells me it's empty.


Screenshot (4).png

Spotify Legend

Hey everyone,

Thank you for the reports you've provided so far. The right team has concluded that for the most part this is due to individual network configurations, or modifications by third party apps. For Spotify to work properly, we suggest that you reset any network configurations to default, and disable any third party apps that may interfere with Spotify.
If that doesn't work, we suggest that you create a new post on the boards and we'll help you out from there. Thanks!

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I had the same problem for the last year. Even corresponding with Spotify support was no help. I could see music in playlists on my other devices but not on this one Windows 10 computer. This is where I just found the solution:


Basically, I just went to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and deleted the "host" file. That immediately fixed my problem. The host file is not required for windows to work:


So glad to have finally found a solution! Hope this helps others.

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