Playlists blank and songs not playing

Playlists blank and songs not playing





Operating System

Windows 10


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Recently moved to a Windows 10 machine, since then have had constant playback issues for most songs. Playlists open blank, although adding songs to then can provide the duplicate message suggesting they are still intact. Initially had these problems using the Win32 downloaded program, so tried switching to the Windows 10 store app but having the same issues. Following other posts, I have checked my hosts file but there are not Spotify lines in there at all. The same Spotify account and network connection was being used without issue on Windows 7 until just 2 weeks ago.


Any advice on how to solve this?

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Hey @worthlessdaisey! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm sorry you're experiencing this.


Please be aware that this issue is already under investigation.

Be sure to check this ongoing issues thread to get more details about it. You can also try this in the meantime to see if that helps:


  • Log out > Restart desktop > Log back in
  • Reinstall app from the website/from Windows Store (depending on device).

After that, remove all lines from their hosts file that are blocking Spotify.


  1. If you're on Windows:
    1. Open Notepad as an administrator (right-click - Open as Administrator)
    2. Go to File - Open and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    3. Choose "All Files" instead of "Text Documents" next to the File Name box. You'll see a handful of files. Pick hosts and click on Open
    4. When the file is open, you will see a block of text with # in front of each line and might see entries like website.com127.0.0.1
    5. Check for any entries with Spotify in the address. Examples may look like: weblb-wg.gslb.spotify.com0.0.0.0
    6. If you do find any lines with Spotify, please remove them.
    7. Save your changes and restart Spotify.

Let me know if that helps, thanks!^^


Hi, I have tried all that you've suggested and am still experiencing the
same issues. I will continue to check the "ongoing issues" thread for


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