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Plays Songs not on Playlist

Plays Songs not on Playlist



I've searched for the answer to this problem but to no avail. I'm a new Spotify user with premium. I haven't made any of my own playlists yet so I selected a few of the existing ones and started playing them. Problem is, after a song finishes, the next song that plays is not from the genre, it's always a modern pop song. I'll be playing the Alternative 90s playlist which has 75 songs and after the first song plays the next song will be a modern pop song. I skip it, then an alternative 90s song will play, but when it's done another modern pop song will begin which I'll skip and the process keeps repeating itself. What's going on here?






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Hey there @GenoS1

thanks for posting !


Are the pop songs you're hearing appear on the playlist your listening to or do they interuppt and are not connected to the content at all ?


Thanks 🙂

No, they are not appearing on the songs listed in the playlist. They do not interrupt in the middle of a song from the playlist, they play after the song. What happens is I select a playlist, start it and it plays a song in the genre. After that song plays, the next song is out of the genre, specifically a modern pop song which is clearly not an Alternative 90s song. I'll skip it, then a song from the genre plays. When that song finishes, another out of genre modern pop song will play. This process keeps repeating itself. 

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