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Podcast not working on desktop and only works on phone app

Podcast not working on desktop and only works on phone app







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Windows 7 Professional


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For the past few months I have been listening to a podcast on spotify on my desktop.  I started to notice that the podcast would take a few minutes to load before it would start playing.  Just recently the podcast would not play at all.  I waited over 20min for it to load/play and it never did?  If I try to play the same podcast using my iphone app it starts right up and plays.  What could be the issue on my desktop?

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Same issue here.

Podcasts play happily on phone and ipad, but will not play on the desktop app.

Music playing fine on the desktop app.

Desktop app recognises that a podcast is playing (as shown in the pictures).

But when I flick it over, either via the mobile phone or the desktop app, it won't play on the desktop.

spotify 1.JPG
spotify 2.JPG
spotify 3.JPG

I have been having the same issue for months! Glad to know im not crazy. I uninstalled and reinstalled it too and nothing changes. I love listening to podcast on spotify and this really sucks. Help Spotify!

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