Podcast will not show as played.


Podcast will not show as played.


Plan:  Premium

Country:  US

Device: Dell Laptop

Operating System: Windows 10

My Question or Issue:

I like to filter my Podcasts out by 'Unplayed Episodes'.  For the last few weeks, played episodes are still showing in my queue.   When I go back to the episodes and let them play to the end, the green status indicator automatically backs up around two minutes, making it think it is still unfinished.   I have tried moving the green bar manually and it still backs up after the podcast is done.  There are no other options for me to mark these episodes as played.  You can see in the second image that the episode is 42:30, but it shows as played in the status bar at 41:20.  If I try to drag that bar over to finish the episode it automatically reverts to 41:20.

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Re: Podcast will not show as played.


I'm having the same problem and so does a guy I work with. I hope to hear a solution soon. Tired of having to search through finished episodes even though I have them sorted by unplayed.

Re: Podcast will not show as played.


I don't know if you still have this problem but I opened the web player version and finished out the remaining ones still being shown as unplayed and that corrected the issue in the app for me.