Poor Audio Quality


Poor Audio Quality


I have a very strange problem. I recorded some tracks with Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder. The vocals on all trracks are quiet and distorted with 'phasing'. At first I blamed the Recorder, then I thought the problem was with my system as all my saved Spotify tracks were sounding distorted on the vocals.(example attached)

But now I find the same problem with all my 4 devices ( PC's, Macbook, Android phone) running Spotify. I am using Premium set to High Quality Streaming  I have tried logging off from all devices, deleting cache, re-installing but nothing works

Any thoughts?

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Re: Poor Audio Quality


Hello! It's strange that you have the same problem in all four devieces, maybe that's because of virus, or maybe it is the recording sofware you are using damage Spotify? If it is the latter, then I recommend you to change your streaming audio recorder to TunesKit Audio Capture, which I'm currently using. It is a clean and easy-to-use recorder that won't cause side issues. The recordings are of top quality, and the they can be saved into 6 different formats. Besides, the price is a lot lower than Apowersoft.