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Possibility to organize albums in folders?

Possibility to organize albums in folders?






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Is there a possibility to organize albums in folders, just like you can do with playlists? On my desktop, I cannot create a folder for albums. This to organize by genre. I have to create a folder in the 'playlist' section first. Ad then create a 'playlist' for this album. But then I loose the name of the artist. So I can't filter. 


Also then, you can't see what album you've already put in the folder, as they are still in the albums list.


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Hi @EddytheEagle,


Thanks for the post.


Currently there is no way to put your liked albums in Folders. 


If you'd like do see this feature in the future, you can add your vote to this Idea. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is to get implemented.



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Thx for your swift answer Alex !


Voted for the proposed solution. ANY solution which makes it possible to organize albums is fine with me.


you can add albums as a playlist in a folder, so maybe al the albums of the beatles, as playlist in a folder "The betales"

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