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I had similar issues.  Setting proxy to "No proxy" appears to work so far.

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I rescind this statement - the skipping is as bad as ever.


This really is a bad problem.

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Just want to add my voice to the mix, this problem just occurred for me basically today.


I've tried everything to fix it that has been suggested so far. On the premium service so I am playing local files as well, but it happens streaming too.


I am tending to agree with the suggestion of a previous poster who said their might be some sort of problem with the way the songs are being cached.


Newer additions crackle more than older additions, but the older additions which never stuttered now stutter enough to make it not worth while.

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Same Problem (free account)!

I'm trying spotify. - Having the same stuttering problems as described for several weeks! Even the spotify ads are stuttering, so some words are missing - very funny x-)


OS: WinXP Prof. SP3

Spotify software: reinstalled

hardware accel.: off

sound driver (Realtek HD audio) = up to date

CPU usage: <2%


For me there's no question for the behaviour of local files. Why should I use a malfunctioning software, when I could use approved local applications.

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Audio Stuttering in Linux- 


 I was experiencing frequent audio stutters using Windows Spotify in Wine on Linux Mint. Initially after install it was working fine then after some days it began stuttering. Not sure what changed but the solution that worked for me was to dowload the Linux Spotify client preview.


Thanks Spotify for working on an Linux client :)


I don't know if that is much help for anyone but I can say with certainty that on this laptop the issue seemed to be related to running the Windows client in Wine. Changing streaming options or H/W Accel made no difference. I wish I had more information to offer but the basic stuff like cpu usage, network, resource usage were all minimal- so I have no idea why it was stuttering.


The Linux preview works beautifully!

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I had this same problem, albeit on a iMac running OSX 10.6. I had a crackling/popping sound every 10sec or so. The only thing that seemed to fix this was shutting down the Flash player opperation using Activity Monitor. I'm not sure how to do this on a windows machine but on a mac you do the following.


1. Open Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder in Applications

2. Shut down the application that is taking up the most CPU usage. For me this was the Flash Player process, but it may be another process that is causing the problem

3. Click on the process and then click on 'Quit process'. Be sure to save an work before you quit an application you are currently using


For now the problem has not returned so I'm guessing it was a CPU usage problem.

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I'll add my voice to the noise.


  • Fresh Win7 x64 install, i7 6GB RAM,  premium user.
  • Tried all "solutions" found in various threads to no avail. (reinstalling, toggling hardware accel on/off, same volume option on/off, etc)
  • Every 10 sec a quick stutter/dropout of audio, whether it's streaming or local.
  • All drivers up to date; tried built in soundcard (EVGA) and MOTU Traveler mk3 hardware. Problem always there.
  • No issues with any other audio related player/recorder. (windows media player, Reaper, itunes, adobe audition, etc)

I'm convinced it's a software bug.  While I love spotify, it's extremely annoying not having smooth playback...

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I had this problem. I restarted my computer and unplugged my speakers from the wall. I held the power button on the speakers until the power was bled out. Once I got my comp back up and Spotify loaded, none of the streaming music had any crackle or stutter. I'm still waiting for my offline stuff to resync because Spotify keeps losing my storage folder and switching back to its default. Once the sync is done I will see if those crackle at all and update here.


Edit/Update: Seems to be fine now even with the newly finished sync. No crackling or popping.

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Same issue with my roku boxes since the software updated last week.

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Office Windows PC was Linux now windows 8
Home PC windows 7
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