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Prevent unwanted genres and artists

Prevent unwanted genres and artists

I live in Brazil. I'm brazillian. Ok?  But I'm metal fond. Yes. I just like all types of metal. Heay Metal. Progressive Metal. New Metal. Classic Metal. Metal. But I also like Punk, Punk Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and other - just the good - genres and good artists.


Then, why for the heaven's sake, everytime I open my Windows Spotify  I'm "delighted" with Browse section suggesting me to listen "Top Brasil", "Sertanejo" (kind of the worse melodramatic irritating brazilian folk music), "Funk" (do not confuse with the american Funk, the brazilian funk is completely different and a **bleep**), anyways, all kind of music I dislike, and sometimes, I HATE.


When I was a deezer customer, I remember to select genres that I love at the very beginning. And I was never bothered with this suggestions. 


May I have an option to disable unwanted genres and unwanted artists? I realy do not like "Pablo Vittar" - no matter the **bleep** it is!

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same here for argentina

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