Queuing - Using Add To Queue


Queuing - Using Add To Queue


Im trying to find out how add to queue operates. When I have an ablum playing, the song for that album are queued up. I then add another album via the add to queue. I expect this album to be at the end of the first album queue. 

What happens though is the the add to queue for the last album plays next, which is not befor the previous queue is complete.

How can I queue albums so they play sequentially.




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What you should do is add your first album to the queue, then add your second album, and so on. If you start playing an album, then add something to the queue, the queue takes priority and the queue is cleared before the rest of the album plays. If you add everything you want to listen to to the queue, everything will take priority. If you start listening to an album, the entire album ISN'T added to the queue, you have to add the album to the queue, to add the album to the queue.


Hope that helps!