Radio Is Playing Bad Song Choices


Radio Is Playing Bad Song Choices

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Hello! I've been a Spotify user for quite a few months now. I primarily use the Desktop application, but I also am a mobile user as well.


Anyways, I've started the "Pop" radio, which allows me to tailor the radio songs played to what I like. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Not only is it not recommending new songs enough and instead repeating the same already-liked songs over and over at a high rate (hear the same song every 5-10 minutes and hit next) despite MANY songs liked, it's also not saving some tracks that I like or dislike. The same song comes up again a couple of songs later with no thumb choice selected. It happens no matter what I choose. I've been stuck on this same "Marry Me" by Bruno Mars and "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj loop for 10 minutes now. It only breaks the loop when I just hit "Next."


Terrible radio, but rest of the app is pretty decent, especially since I'm now non-premium. Picture attached is a screenshot of the behavior. No matter how much I like/dislike, it sticks in that loop. It does all this stuff for many different songs.


Any would be appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Radio Is Playing Bad Song Choices

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @user-removed thanks for coming to the Community with your feedback about Radio. We'd like a bit more info about this--if you could let us know the details below about this experience it would be a big help!


  • Device / Platform you were using
  • Approximately what time (& time zone) were you playing Pop radio? 


Re: Radio Is Playing Bad Song Choices

Gig Goer

@ - I would suggest searching the Community around this topic. I for one have replied to at least three on the same subject and started my own also. The Radio feature in Spotify is very poor, the worst part of the service. Very repetitive, unintuitive, lazy, buggy and almost useless. The only way to get a more varied playlist is to base it on a specific song rather than genre.

Re: Radio Is Playing Bad Song Choices

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Desktop - Windows 8.1 x64

Time - doesn't matter, since it's literally any time I use it.


The other poster is right. There are countless threads saying the same exact thing and no word has been given on an upcoming fix. From looking at history, it looks like this issue hasn't been fixed for a very long time. Just as well, it took you a VERY long time to reply, so long that I entirely forgot I made this post.


The performance of the radio and the performance of customer service, along with how accounts are setup, make me want to quit this service for good. Unfortunately, there isn't any that compare. darn your amazing song collection and quality.


Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Happy Kwanzaa / Etc.

Re: Radio Is Playing Bad Song Choices

Gig Goer
What I find totally bonkers is that the radio could/should be such an important revenue stream for artists and Spotify. New artists, new music, hook listeners on totally new music, what better way to generate income!! Yet the radio seems the most under developed part of the service. It's so repetitve, so ignorant of user input it infuriates me. If I have thumbed down an artist at least three times, why does it just keep playing music from that artist?

It really needs an overhaul!

Re: Radio Is Playing Bad Song Choices

Community Manager
Community Manager

We’re definitely looking across the Community for feedback like this. The more information we can gather around this feedback the better.


@davida71uk  if you could let us know the following details around when you’ve had issues with Radio it would be great:


  • Device / Platform you were using
  • Approximately what time (& time zone) the problem occurred
  • How did you start the Radio station (i.e. started radio based on artist X, or based on song Y, or using genre Z, etc)
  • Did you take any actions when it started having issues (did you thumbs up track, skip, etc)

Re: Radio Is Playing Bad Song Choices

Gig Goer

Ok @Meredith, here's an example:


Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit

Spotify (Please make the About copy and paste able!)


As I cannot copy and paste Artist and track titles, I just copied the Spotify URI.


Radio based on:



I copied everything in to Notepad first rather than straight in to the forum box in case I lost the web page for some reason.


Like: spotify:artist:0Jq39W2ruHAA8hGsheXIYG - /track/71KhPRu2KSAUMUsamnbgtD

Dislike: spotify:artist:66c1ZyJtuvcqvsCzh8KJOv - spotify:track:3EomLjGMqDiN7SkQRpFb4S

Dislike: spotify:artist:3CSpwE5QPsrPT9KgtG3BF4 - spotify:track:0jflZkhRIp0b4u9Xy16Vxp

Dislike: spotify:artist:6LufpoVlIYKQCu9Gjpk8B7 - spotify:track:4fMXQkXkfmO6KWKVwxvkWT

Dislike: spotify:artist:7nW3rZPhwZWlGPZgdDiJea - spotify:track:5lRWdurGmGIH6xCeNJEfSW

Like: spotify:artist:3CSpwE5QPsrPT9KgtG3BF4 - spotify:track:5xym7Y5IZqyNdNECaZ2yi4

Dislike: spotify:artist:0bZCak2tcRMY1dzEIuwF42 - spotify:track:5YiFcfU0L6L1m5xkPNi6Ek - 1st Artist Track

Dislike: spotify:artist:7c5qu1gNlg8jWDzzmlp89O - spotify:track:4l6ugGh9yBfWASu0jxKEMW

Dislike: spotify:artist:0bZCak2tcRMY1dzEIuwF42 - spotify:track:74Csq5DMaOBShLUhI6NU5A - Same Artist

Dislike: spotify:artist:5e3Z7HYpiVcP3TlU0a4yap - spotify:track:0wQKfPE1yP6N4EynMqwFc1

Like: spotify:artist:3CSpwE5QPsrPT9KgtG3BF4 - spotify:track:4bqvTo5zGW8WTUspR1oJhw

Dislike: spotify:artist:0bZCak2tcRMY1dzEIuwF42 - spotify:track:2MtBpxQI1SAsEuDqNiAste - Same Artist


Like: spotify:artist:1i4iT0Sw4OUeMp7egnsbxR - spotify:track:0dVIKxJUdYldKhV4ZjMBKY

Like: spotify:artist:1O7aMVbDeSXY2LiVBhb13w - spotify:track:7pNT3JgxTH9pCAkfZ7FAet

Like: spotify:artist:1QVWN3ebl1dVgVbMgQPG8K - spotify:track:6TjdjwG2ZUWfuKpGxi9KBZ

Like: spotify:artist:0Jq39W2ruHAA8hGsheXIYG - spotify:track:71KhPRu2KSAUMUsamnbgtD

Dislike - spotify:artist:4743DlrFCsAlAV4N26Kdgh - spotify:track:5Tp97LcL45G82uC6vaLvt5

Like - spotify:artist:2BNkflUlJ7uUr06ltR93mU - spotify:track:2Vr3sHONmr4oBHkim59hAw

Dislike - spotify:artist:726MxZBpkxnnoKl6aN7mmj - spotify:track:3gLBGaGPWKHi9utz69uHCc

Dislike - spotify:artist:1QVWN3ebl1dVgVbMgQPG8K - spotify:track:0opZd73Ni0su3Qj2RpqBDV

Dislike - spotify:artist:1DJVvIcjKhdedkuGRzW7PG - spotify:track:7ikCHOF6Z2HVi2EztfVwvW

Like - spotify:artist:0Jq39W2ruHAA8hGsheXIYG - spotify:track:53ri3svo8ccWpX5QNQhWdt

Dislike - spotify:artist:76xP5lEB0Xexpb7oNnAdAp - spotify:track:7K2VDi7oLEJ5lMljv9lsZp

Dislike - spotify:artist:0bZCak2tcRMY1dzEIuwF42 - spotify:track:2anWNTYGBxXDUmOFOiDh1b -  Same Artist


The Heavy - spotify:artist:0bZCak2tcRMY1dzEIuwF42


So, within that short period, despite thumbing down The Heavy *three* times, they still appear in the radio station - why?


I am sure you can see that as this happens all the time, people get very frustrated with the radio feature. And this is basing the songs on a specific song, it is much worse when choosing a genre.