Radio feature not working properly


Radio feature not working properly

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 I've read on the help site to click on Radio and then Create New Station, but when i click on Radio either on windows or andriod all i see there is "Recommended Stations" and cant create new.
Also to save the station i have to click on follow on the station, but when i do that it will just add it as new playlist not Stations in library.

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Re: Radio feature not working properly

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Please check this help guide on the Spotify Radio and see if it helps.


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Re: Radio feature not working properly

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That is the thing i was refering to, all i can do in "Radio" tab is just see "recommended stations" which are not even stations, but they are playlists of 50 songs each. When i follow it, it will not appear in "stations" library, but rather in  "playlists" which they are.
And i just noticed that when you want to follow genre radio it will just say "There was a problem..." I'll post picture with it.

I played the Genre radio via android, and opened the radio on PC and just got error message, same on the android, i can play the radio, but i cant see inside of the radio e.g. follow it, give thumbs up/down to the songs in it, etc... This looks like the devs, **bleep** something up with the radios.

Because in the previous versions of both desktop and adroid apps the radios/stations worked perfectly fine.
Edit: on the android it says: (roughly translated to english) Radio station error. We cant display this radio station now, please try later.
And all the artist stations (that worked fine) i was following changed into playlists of 50 songs each..