Radio stations have become broken?


Radio stations have become broken?


Premium/USA/Pixel 2 and Windows 10/Android Oreo


Thumbs up/down is just not a thing anymore on either device?  This almost feels like a purposeful choice, which is silly.  Even if the thumbs up/down didn't really do anything before, giving the illusion of choice and that a user is deciding their own fate at times is better than removing that option entirely for no apparent reason.


[Win 10] Going to artist radio brings up a ~55 song playlist (no more than 55) every time, with no ability to remove certain songs from the playlist.  Basically making me more reliant on *your* decisions while removing entirely my choice in what should be in the station or not. 


[Android] Going to artist radio on android, meanwhile, constantly shows that I'm playing songs from one of my already created playlists, every time. I'm not listening to something new, apparently.  With each artist I've tried, at the top it shows "playing from xxxxx playlist]" which is in my pre-existing playlists.   


If these are purposeful "additions," they are terrible.  

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Casual Listener

I am also having the same issue. It’s the only reason I have premium. So, if it’s gone for good, I will be unsubscribing. 

Re: Radio stations have become broken?


In my angry digging through Spotify account I may have found a partial fix!

In the "Recover Playlists" section of your user account, I found all of the missing radio stations and things I saved previously.

I'm not sure how well they will work going forward but, I will be recovering mine and trying to figure this out!

Hope it works for you and everyone else :)

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Re: Radio stations have become broken?


Having the same issue, I really hope they didn't remove it. I'm Canadian so using Pandora is a pain in the **bleep** to use, but not impossible (I love how you can install VPNs on your web browser, makes things a lot easier)