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Random album art disappearance (for music in local files)


Random album art disappearance (for music in local files)




Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

On a random album I have in my local files, the album art spontaneously decided to not show up. It shows either a blank box or the album art of whatever I was listening to previously. Thing is, the art is embedded in the files just like every other album I have in local files, except this one specifically just doesn't show up. I had this problem once before but resizing the art fixed said problem. Now not even that works. I can go into itunes and change it to a totally different image and nothing will show up. When I listen on mobile, there's no art there either. What is causing this and how do I fix it? It's really bothering me...


Attatched images show the blank box and "proof" that the album does indeed have art embedded.

2019-09-08 18_02_37-Window.png
2019-09-08 18_16_57-Window.png