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Recent Update removed most important function-- viewing songs you added by artist

Recent Update removed most important function-- viewing songs you added by artist

[THIS IS A REPOST OF A TOPIC FROM THE ANDROID THREAD.  I am angry enough about this that I'm reposting it to the threads for all the devices I use. It's apparently a months old problem but hasn't even been addressed by Spotify at all. I will be cancelling and finding something else if this is not fixed.]



This is concerning premium users mostly, however I am sure that there are free users that relied on this feature too. 


Alongside the new update, which changed the library UI in Android app, one of the most useful features disappeared: browsing saved songs by artists. Artist bookmark now lists only artists that you observe instead of listing all that you have saved songs of, and while clicking on artist now their online full page will appear instead of the list of saved songs sorted by albums. This is extremely infuriating for people like me, who kept their all offline music in library instead of playlists and have multitude of artists they do listen to. Now I cannot listen to my chosen tracks of one artist without reffering to self created playlist as Artists bookmark will lead me to their full page. Moreover, I cannot browse by artists AT ALL in offline mode as those full pages are purely online thing.....



jviridis -- I agree whole heartedly with this complaint and the 100+ other complaints. This was a stupid update that ruined a fundamental function of music apps. Revert back or make a new update to add back this funcitonality or I will find something else. You aren't special enough to keep around because of your fun daily mixes that every other provider can give. 

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