Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


I do like the look! :) love the update, but...


bug: Crashes my video driver a lot, so went back to 0.9.7 it doesnt crash then :o (AMD radeon HD 7450)


please fix it :) thanks!

Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?

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Thanks for the report @dannyboy11122 . I've passed your details on.

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Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?

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I've just received the update for a new version of 0.9.8 that fixes the spacing issues between the tracklist. Now I can see a lot more songs than before in the tracklist. I think its not too bad now. But the full black interface is scary.. I mean, its too dark man. There's gotta be an option for community themes or something like that like Chome / Firefox themes.. Something like that. I want it to be slightly brighter..
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Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


Here are some of my thoughts on the Spotify 0.9.8 Windows client.


•    The new darker polished theme is a welcome change. I like the new shade of gray/black. It’s not too dark in my opinion like some other people have complained about. It might just take some time getting used to.
•    Font size in the menu column is now consistent with playlists.
•    Finally the profile page only show your shared playlists.
•    … overall good job on the design and features, however there are a lot of room for improvement. Continue reading…


Playlist view
•    Stop spamming icons in the playlist please. If it’s unclear I’m talking about it’s the ‘Save’ and ‘Share’ buttons that are on every row. Are they really necessary? Row numbering would be more useful in my opinion.

Artist pages.
•    Entire album listings in list view. Before you could see only the first few songs, which I think might have been better, not sure, would at least be more scroll friendly.
•    [Feature Request] Please add an additional view option for Albums and Singles. Make it possible to completely minimize these sections, or a really compressed album art view, way smaller art.  Some artists have countless released albums (Armin van Buuren for example) which makes it difficult to scroll down to the Singles and ‘Appears On’ sections.
•    The release date (year) in list view is too hard to see.
•    [Bug] Not all artists are displayed in VA albums. Look at this album for example. (spotify:album:7q0kCGw00JUgw5kj2eVkYo) In the first track the artist ‘Ram’ is missing from the line, but you can see it in the bottom left corner.
•    Could artists names have their own column again in list view please, would make it easier to read.
•    [Feature Request] Appears On. If you click on an ‘Appears On’ album it is frustratingly difficult to find tracks by the artist from the previous page. Could the artist name be highlighted?
•    I don’t like that when you hover the mouse cursor over a track the save and menu buttons cover the time and popularity info. Can you move the buttons more to the left so this doesn’t happen please?

Collection. What good is a music collection if you can’t sort it the way you like (folders/categories), or search it for that matter? I currently use it purely as an album collection, but I’d like to use it for more purposes, like tracks I’ve saved but haven’t had time to listen to yet and uncategorized tracks.

App Finder. This page needs an overhaul. Seriously, you can’t even search as far as I can tell.

Search typing box font inconsistent with theme, same goes for the filter search box (CTRL+F).

Follow page.
•    The Follow buttons are bigger on this page than on  artist pages. Consistency please. Actually they are just as big on the Following/Followers pages.
•    Why can’t I see artists or friends whom I follow here? Illogical.

Following/Followers pages (profile).
•    Images are too big and text is too small (at least artist/friend names), except for the giant Follow buttons.

Notification system.
•    Sometimes I get a notification that look like this. "<i>album name</i> and 5 other albums by <i>artist</i> are now available on Spotify.” What other 5 albums? Don't give me a message like this, link me everything please.
•    [Bug] Sometimes I don’t get notified or it comes way later than the release of the song/album. This is very disappointing.
•    [Feature Request] If you follow a lot of artists like I do (>150), sometimes the notification box gets tough to browse through to listen to all those new songs and albums. I think notifications need a full page, not just tiny box in the corner.

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Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


I like the dark theme.

But the font and padding is just too big ! This is ridiculous.

Playlists management is even harder than before... 

Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


hi everyone... 


We are testing the new 0.9.8 release version. Yes. the new Spotify is a waste of space. fonts are to big, padding toooo big. Even on my 30" Screen... everything looks to big. There is no overview.


Whats up guys? I hop with the next beta ther come a more compact UI. 

Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


The new interface looks very very nice I have to say, loving the dark theme and the general design ideas.


BUT, the padding on the text is even more ridiculous than before.  The UX team appear to be losing the battle against the UI team who want everything to look nice but not function practically.


Look below for an example of 0.8.6 next to 0.9.8 to see how stupid this situation has become on the artist pages.  That's 29 songs visible on 0.8.6 compared to a paltry 8 songs visible on 0.9.8.  How is this progress? Endlessly scrolling (because we can't CTRL+F any more can we?) on artist pages to find the song/album we want is not an enjoyable experience.


Listen to your userbase Spotify - huge text/padding is a total waste of screen real estate.





Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


Gotta say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design, but I agree that the padding sucks. Fix that and the font size, and I might finally leave 0.8.5.

Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?

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The font size and many other things get a little bit better with version though.

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Re: Release Notes for update 0.9.8 ?


What happened to the share button down in the lower left by what's currently playing? Now I can only share by right-clicking? What does that + thing buy me at this poitn? More random UI changes it seems...


I'm at version .9.8.258.


I also have to say the last few versions have been extremely slow, especially around discovery. Like I don't even bother anymore.