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Remove specific podcasts from home screen

Remove specific podcasts from home screen






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Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I almost never listen to podcast. That is why a lot of my recommendations for podcasts are ones I'm not interested in. Could there be an option to hide specific podcasts from the home screen?

For instance: right-clicking the podcast in question will show an option that says "Not interested" or "Hide from home screen" or just "Hide".

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I forgot to mention that some of the recommendation show sexually related content or they target a certain group of people which doesn't include me, like weebs or women. That's also a reason why I'd like to hide them in case someone is being judgemental about it.

No, there will be no way to hide any podcasts because that's where they put their money and they want people to use it. They don't care about the user experience whether you pay for premium or not.

This is nuts.  I have French podcasts but I don't speak the language.

I wish there was an option to remove podcasts from the home screen or just let me re-arrange so I could drop podcasts to the end.

I have no intention of ever listening to podcasts. This force-feeding of podcasts is pretty annoying

Hey folks, 


Thanks for reaching out here. 


We totally understand where you're coming from. Even though it's currently not possible to customize your home screen, other users also think this would be a good idea. In this case, we suggest adding your +VOTE and subscribing to this thread. That way you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this.


We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us, and will make sure to pass it on to the right folks.


If anything else comes up, the Community will be here.



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What is the point in voting. Spotify has already said they aren’t going to do it

Hi @hjspencer


Thanks for getting back to us.


We understand where you're coming from. However, keep in mind that the "Not Right Now" status doesn't mean the door is completely closed and the idea won't be implemented, only that this is something that won't happen immediately. 


Since the idea is still open for voting, it continues to be constantly looked into and we'll pass any relevant info about this in the thread for all users who showed their support. 


Hope this helps. 

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It's ridiculous that this isn't an option. Someone opened an erotic podcast on one of my devices and now I have a vagina on my home-screen that I cannot remove. How is such a simple functionality, even just DELETING a podcast/playlist from your home page, not an option? It feels like I just have to remove my spotify account and start a new one!!!


@Novy wrote:

this is something that won't happen immediately. 


Hope this helps. 

Yeah, right...
The poll you want us to answer is now more than 3 years old... 😄

I have a podcaster that i simply HATE!!!!

I DON'T WANT to have that thing on my home screen!

Must i quit Spotify????????????

Why is Spotify recommending podcasters that mean NOTHING to me, and i cannot REMOVE!?!!?

I know that Spotify considers Podcasts to be a big part of its future, and that Spotify would really like me to listen to some podcasts. However, I'm familiar with what podcasts are and I'm not interested. Not only that, but the aggressive always-on-top way that podcasts are pushed onto me is quite unpleasant, and way beneath a reputable company.


Please show the home screen home love, and respect that different users have different reasons for being on Spotify.

Just decided to try Spotify again, and this is crazy to me. It's crazy to me that I can't remove offensive podcasts from the home screen.

Yeah, I've just straight up left Spotify because of this. I'm sick and tired of getting offensive, sexually explicit podcasts thrown in my face every time I open the app. I've never even listened to a podcast so I have no idea why I'm seeing it, maybe because I played the latest Doja Cat album??


I've moved over to Apple Music, sure the playlists aren't anywhere near as good, but at least I don't get **bleep** shoved in my face all day.


Seriously Spotify, your product team should be ashamed of themselves that this is an issue.

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your replies and feedback.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. Rest assured that we're always trying to improve as we always strive to improve our features.


For now, we recommend that you head over to the idea that's been provided in this thread and leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the idea for any updates regarding this.


You can read more about how ideas work reaches Spotify here.


We hope for your understanding and that you continue using Spotify and find it gets better in the future.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

A note to the thread monitors: you are asking people to vote on a "customize start screen" thread, but that's not quite what's being asked for here. We don't have a problem with podcasts being promoted on the home screen. We would like to be able to suppress specific podcasts that we have no interest in, or are offended by, from being promoted in the future -- especially as the podcast section is labeled "episodes for you," as if this is curated to us specifically.


This is the same as how on social media, when you see an ad you don't like, you can give feedback and that platform will no longer show you that specific ad -- that's not a home screen change, that's ad preferences. It's also similar to how if I'm listening to a radio station on Spotify and a song is suggested that I don't like, I can give feedback to Spotify to not suggest that song in the future.


The complexity of the thread you are asking people to vote on (customized start screens) is much more difficult to solve than the feature being asked for (ad preferences for accounts that have not listened to any podcasts).

Hey @drnello,

Thank you for keeping us in the loop. 

We understand where you're coming from and thank you for the clarification. As the idea is not to "customize start screen" we'd recommend adding your +Vote to this idea as it's more accurate with what you're asking for and fits with the requests in this thread.

We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall. We’re sorry that this means you’re not able to use Spotify like you wish to do at the moment, but we hope to have this feature soon.

If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you.

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Stop recommending we vote on closed ideas. 
the total lack of listening to your customers is, quite frankly, unbelievable. 
I have 2 kids that I will not allow to have Spotify because of this madness. Therefore I will not be taking a family sub out. Therefore less money for Spotify. I wonder how many others feel the same way. 

Are Spotify paying you to give advice this useless?

Thanks for linking a thread that has already been closed.

Also, this is not an "idea", it's a completely basic concept that it baffles me is missing from your billion dollar app.

If I don't want to see Joe Rogans dumb face every time I open this app, I shouldn't have to.

Also, someone earlier in the thread mentioned that explicit imagery is being shown whenever they open the app. Is avoiding that not important unless enough people vote on an "idea"? Which btw, no one will, because virtually no one sits around looking at which ideas you have. We're just here because an obvious feature is missing. If you want people to share and discuss topics for change, make it a part of the app itself. There's an idea.


"If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you."

I highly doubt that.

I honestly have that too

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