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Remove specific podcasts from home screen

Remove specific podcasts from home screen






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Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I almost never listen to podcast. That is why a lot of my recommendations for podcasts are ones I'm not interested in. Could there be an option to hide specific podcasts from the home screen?

For instance: right-clicking the podcast in question will show an option that says "Not interested" or "Hide from home screen" or just "Hide".

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I left Spotify for the same exact reasons mentioned. Spotify is pushing offensive content on our home screen that we are not allowed to block or get rid of. 

Agreed with above: podcast content is awful. More than choosing which episodes or channels or whatever to follow, I want the ability to disable them entirely. I will literally never intentionally listen to a podcast on any topic. It's garbage content on a music app.


I've been a premium subscriber for years now. Use my money for something useful and remove this tasteless, useless, stupid garbage from my music app.

Nobody is doing anything at Spotify seemingly. What a **bleep**!

October 2022 and still the same problem; i have just finished a 10 minute session with customer service and get sent to this community where first enough votes have to be given for it to become even eligible for a complaint???

What kind of customer service or complaints registration is this? i am getting bombarded daily with a picture of explicit content on my home page that i just want gone.... is it that much to ask? What if this gives me more anxiety? i am trying to file an official complaint and am getting fobbed off with an detour.


that option doesnt work anymore 😞


@Novy @Jeremy @OscarDC
Moderators, thanks for your suggestion to vote, but unfortunately all related votable items in the 'ideas' section aren't exactly the same issue. Those are more related to managing podcasts etc., but not showing unwanted content on the homescreen for all eternity.

I'm much less concerned about my home screen/library being a mess or showing content not interesting for me; I'm more concerned about weird or sexual content being suggested, only because I once ended up on this while searching for something else. Ever since I have to be really careful opening up Spotify at work, or my colleagues think I'm listening to NSFW content at work.

is it Jordan Peterson, I immensely dislike that arrogant Ahole. he is the sole reason i am on here to try and get rid of him being recommended.

I play a "show" once and now it just never goes away and it's ruining my home page.  I can't scroll without this show constantly harassing me to watch it when it's just stolen reuploads from content creators on YouTube.  I am going to suffer even more if this pops up on my Spotify Wrapped ;(


Attachment displays two podcasts.  One is legitimate (the H3 Podcast by Ethan Klein which I do listen to) and the other is not a podcast, it's the reuploading one.  



Can you guys please give an option to block and/or delete certain podcasts from my recommendations? I share my account with my 6 year old daughter and there’s some completely inappropriate suggestions popping up. As a long term subscriber I should at least have that right. 

I have the same thing with explicit content podcast . I have followed all the tips and tricks and even deleted the app and reinstated it but it is still lingering like a bad dream. And keeps popping up. 🤯🤯🤯

Will leave Spotify for this as a long time subscriber. Will be actively pointing this major issue out to other customers.
I can't even listen to Spotify at work anymore because I listened to 5 minutes of an erotic podcast once. If I am screensharing in an online meeting and I accidentally open the Spotify tab when it's still open, my colleagues, and even worse, customers, see explicit images on my screen. Get a grip Spotify. Companies having to make choices for income to make sure they grow and survive I understand, but you don't need to do a major multiple year data analysis to understand you will lose a lot of customers over this. 

Testing Deezer right now, I will leave Spotify after many years as a premium subscriber, since this issue apparantly has no priority to Spotify.

Oh yeah, I'll upvote this. Super annoying that the Home Screen has suddenly changed, especially on CarPlay. This went from being a relatively simple and easy way to find music I wanted to listen to while driving, and now my suggested mixes and music (!) playlists have been buried below a bunch of Podcasts that I could give @$%! about. Now it's flat out dangerous.

I will be doing trials of Apple Music and YouTube Music the next few weeks to decide which one I move my family to after I cancel my Spotify Subscription.

I don't need to edit every aspect of the home screen. I just need an option in the drop-down menu to remove a specific podcast from showing up in my home screen. Do not ask me to vote in a 3 year old poll. Just make the Fv<king button already, god damned amateurs.


executive summary:


any update here, Jeremy? it's 2023 now

I very much enjoy my Spotify music and have been a longtime premium family subscriber.
But I have ZERO interest or intention of using Spotify for podcasts. It would be truly welcome to be able to stop getting prompts and wasted landscape devoted to something I don't welcome or want. I don't expect Spotify cares much , but given the ongoing creep in pricing I am now highly incentivized to drop my subscription and find music elsewhere

Yeah, those stupid podcasts just sit there on the homepage and I can't remove them, like I don't want to see a podcast about how to improve your **bleep** life or why is it bad to kill someone.

I got the same exact problem. A few months ago this random ass podcast called the "Monster Mate Podcast" showed up on my homescreen and has been there for several months. according to the description its pretty much just 2 dudes talking about what it would be like to have s*x with these "monster girls". I have never watched anything related to this so I dont know why its on my screen every time I open the app but its really **bleep**ing annoying and I can't get it to go away.

oh my god please just add this feature. as someone going into application development/software engineering, we all know this is not a difficult feature to add in a new update. the amount of comments showing that minors have been recommended s*xually explicit content has gotta be proof of a legal or safety issue too, right? i listened to an episode of a "show" once and now it keeps popping up on my home feed. it's annoying because hey, spotify devs, you guys do realize you're gonna get a whole lot more money if people get recommended shows they'll like, right? i don't think you'll be bringing any more money in by driving away users and never offering solutions. anyways yeah, reading through this thread was entirely ridiculous, yall gotta get your act together.

anyone who's reading this more recently, here's a new link if it will let me to a new submission of a similar idea

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