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Remove specific podcasts from home screen






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I almost never listen to podcast. That is why a lot of my recommendations for podcasts are ones I'm not interested in. Could there be an option to hide specific podcasts from the home screen?

For instance: right-clicking the podcast in question will show an option that says "Not interested" or "Hide from home screen" or just "Hide".

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Not that it'll make a difference, but I'm yet ANOTHER person that is sick of seeing podcasts I listened to ONCE displayed on my homepage under "My Shows" (despite me never having followed them) every time I open Spotify. It's shocking that something as basic as a hide/remove option has still not been implemented, and they're just ignoring the problem. Be careful what podcasts you listen to as it will be the first thing displayed when you open the app for the rest of your life, apparently.

please help me, I have a phobia for dolls and recently because of Halloween, there are profiles showing doll figures and it seriously scares me, and want to throw up. it troubles me to sleep just because of the image I saw when I opened the app. I really want to hide at least that specific podcast but I've searched and failed to do so. I don't know if any of you understand the seriousness of my situation but I want to give it a shot and send here my concern. thanks 

My student years are coming to an end... I think I am going to pay for another service. There are plenty of them and they also have large catalogs.

I have been reading through the massive list of people asking for a simple option in regards to removing podcasts from the Recommended list on the Home Screen and the numbers are staggering.  Hundreds, if not thousands of requests (when combined from ALL the threads that address this topic) have been asking for this since 2019.  In June 2023, Spotify announced that a “Not Interested” button had been added to the subpages (NOT the Home Screen).  I have tried this option and discovered that it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Podcasts that I SPECIFICALLY LISTED as “not interested” are still showing up in Discover podcasts, even on the subpage Podcasts & Shows.  

I am not asking for recommendations to be removed, that’s the only way I’m going to see new things so I understand why this option will never disappear. What I AM asking for is a simple “do not show me this particular podcast again” option.  I’m able to do this during Smart Shuffle in my playlists and that works just fine so I know this isn’t some crazy, impossible programming ask.  Specific recommendations that continue to show up after I have indicated that I DO NOT LIKE THEM in a service that I PAY TO CUSTOMIZE seems like either poor programming, professional negligence, or blatant favouritism to higher paying content creators.  


P.S. While I cannot read or comment on any specific post’s level of offensiveness if it’s been removed, I find it EXTREMELY IRONIC that moderators have the option of removing something that they find offensive while paying customers, who have been asking for this simple option for YEARS, cannot do the same.  I have seen “post removed due to inappropriate language” on just about all of the threads that are begging for a simple Please-Remove-This-From-My-Suggestions option in podcasts and it never ceases to amaze me.  

Voting is ridiculous - this is simply something Spotify should have done years ago - I am fed up opening Spotify to see HITLER staring out at me as an 'EPISODES FOR YOU' !! and having no means of removing it.

I can imagine this particular instance could be extremely upsetting for thousands of users - maybe there is even a legal case here !!

As a result I will be moving off of Spotify and signing up elsewhere.

Seriously!  HITLER? Now spotify has gone to being directly offensive.
Voting is useless. So is the feigned concern from spotify. 

I will end my subscription of many years as a result of Spotify's failure to address this issue. Ridiculous!


This needs to be fixed. I don't want shitty podcasts fed up to me on autoplay because I clicked on them once and found out I didn't like it.

Five episodes of the "Science Vs" podcast keeps appearing on my home page in a section called "Science vs. wellness." When I try to remove it, the only option I see is to 'Add to Your Library.'

I don't follow this podcast and have NEVER listened to it. I've tried multiple times to remove it. How do I make it go away? Is this a bug?

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