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Remove specific podcasts from home screen

Remove specific podcasts from home screen






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My Question or Issue

I almost never listen to podcast. That is why a lot of my recommendations for podcasts are ones I'm not interested in. Could there be an option to hide specific podcasts from the home screen?

For instance: right-clicking the podcast in question will show an option that says "Not interested" or "Hide from home screen" or just "Hide".

117 Replies

I listen to Spotify to fall asleep. 

I tend to listen to conspiracy theories for fun, but the **bleep** they’re recommending and automatically playing for me is pure nutso. Certified crazies waking me up from my deep slumber. 


Somehow, you suggested a Christian Podcast that got butt dialed while driving ONE TIME and now this podcast shows up every. single. time I open up the app. I have tried from the app, the desktop player, and now your website, to remove that podcast and there is not an option to remove it.


I listen to plenty of podcasts, but Russell Brand is annoying af. I listened to him once and now he is the default recommendation when I have many more that I DO actually listen to to recommend. I feel like I'm being punished for exploring on your platform. It's disappointing. 

TWO YEARS LATER.... no change, no way to hide offensive podcasts. This is absurd. Thanks for nothing.

I have the same problem. A male aquaintance told me he enjoyed the wonderfully titled podcast '**bleep** Town' and I listened to about 6min of the intro before happily realizing, not for me. Fast forward 5 months later and there's still in lovingly gooey white lettering '**bleep**' on every screen I use Spotify for. Classy. I would love an option to hide this podcast, or mark as 'not interested'.


I mean, **bleep** on, don't make me start #cumonspotify a thing. 

I was trying out art history podcasts and now I get podcasts by actual irl cult leaders recommended to me and cannot remove them from my feed or screen. These are genuinely dangerous people associated with causing followers to commit s*icide and you're telling me there's no way to simply block or remove a podcast? This is a liability issue at this point. What on earth is wrong with the people running this app?

I tried a podcast and didn't like it. It now shows continually on my home screen. And when I get to the end of an episode of a podcast I do like, it auto plays this series that I want to remove. How do I get rid of them?!

I just want to listen to music without seeing free thinker nonsense on my screen every morning but I guess Spotify cares more about money than not radicalizing impressionable suburban kids into **bleep** with reactionary podcast recommendations. Not renewing 

Totally agree. We should be able to hide this content we have never requested. I am quite baffled to be honest.


I'm just going to reply to this thread once a week until something changes.

Please, please let me remove a Podcast from my listening history. Let me block it. Let me remove it. Let it never Autoplay every single time my daily podcast ends. Please. Please. Please.

The issue has some traction but not enough for a change apparently says Spotify Customer Service.

I just don't understand why though — surely there needs to be better options to personalise recommendations! Isn't that the whole point of Spotify?! 😁 — otherwise what's the whole point of their big marketing gimmick at the end of the year, when all the Podcasts it shows "I loved in 2023" will actually be wrong?!

Well dang... I came here hoping to find the secret to doing exactly what's described here... I briefly had to use Spotify for my podcasts, and I HATED it.  They're just bad at podcasts. Got my old app back, but even though I unfollowed all the podcasts I had followed, half of my welcome screen is taken up with recommendations to go back and listen to them on Spotify's trash podcast player. I might have to find a replacement for Spotify, because I'm seriously questioning if I want to give them my money if they can't implement such a relatively simple thing.

Seriously, Spotify. You gotta fix this.


I just finished listening to my weekly podcast and BANG! Straight into one of the ones you think I might like, but which I can't remove or dislike, but I tried for a few minutes back in March.


Please let me remove Podcasts. Please.


I can see it now at the end of the year with your much lauded Wrapped 2023 campaign:


"Your Most Favourite Podcasts of 2023 were:

1. The one Podcast that you actually choose to listen to each week.

2. A Podcast you hate but we force on you and place on your Home feed instead of showing Number 1.

3. Another podcast you don't like, but we just make you listen to it automatically after Number 1 finishes — every. single. time.

4. That Podcast you tried three minutes of back in January but didn't like. We added it here anyway.

5. Ah yeah, that horrendous Podcast you accidentally clicked once. In March. The one with the offensive cover artwork.


Share these results with your friends." 

I have recently gotten recommendations on podcasts I have simply misclicked when searching for albums. Now these podcasts are on my Spotify home screen forever!

Response from Custom Service:


Hello again,

Thanks for getting back to us.

Sounds like you’re seeing a recent change we’ve made. We’re always testing possible improvements, so you or someone else may see something new or get a limited feature temporarily on the app.

We’d love to hear your feedback so we can pass this along to the proper team. You can also start a discussion and let us know what you think over at the Community forums.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions for us. We're just an email away

Hello - can you please help offer some uodates on why we pay for ad free version but are obviously being pushed into advertisements? These are the popular podcasts that make money for Spotify but I pay so I wont be treated like this

i have done everything could to get rid of this daily motivation podcast where the guys voice makes me wanna scream. He and huberman lab keep being pushed onto my home screen and when podcast listening to finishes they come up. Even gave a 1 rating and STILL does not leave

let me be clear why this troubles me as I love Spotify and been using from day 1. I dont like being treated like a sucker like too stupid to know ads being pushed on me. If a feature to remove recommended podcasts does not come out soon ull be losing a very loyal customer if that matters to you all 😞

Seriously. You HAVE GOT to let paying customers remove content from their home feeds.


Right now. I have a podcast of Lucy Letby front and centre on the screen — and no way to remove it. A baby murderer. And I have to look at her every time I open the app?


Come on Spotify, do better.

And here is another unhappy Spotify user. I recently started listening Podcast. Obviously there are some that I like, some others I don't like. And of course the only way I can find out if I like a Podcast is to try to listen one episode. 

If I decide not to follow one because I don't like that Podcast, I don't follow it etc. I really would like to see it anywhere and I don't want to automatically starting it (yeah, I can put off the option but I actually like to listen automatically the 2-3 Podcasts I like one after the other one automatically).

 Blocking totally a Podcast should be an option and this is not a problem only for offensive material, but for anything. The most listened Podcast might be boring for me, hence I have all rights to exclude it.

I unsubscribed my Spotify Premium subscription after they increased the price. Spotify has proven to be unable to take user feedback, so I'm not going back on my decision.

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