Removing Devices from 'Connect to a Device' list.

Removing Devices from 'Connect to a Device' list.



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HP Laptop running Windows 10


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I want to remove some devices that are from a customers house that I was at MONTHS ago.  He had a speaker in his baby's room that showed up on my list I have tried to remove this device many times and it still appears when I log in on my laptop.  His songs show up on my recently played list and we have very different tastes in music.  


I have tried these things:

Sign out on all devices

Log out/Log in

Restart Computer

Install Updates if available

check to ensure he is not using my account



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Hey @sirtuc-ca 


I'd recommend trying that:

1. Sign out everywhere.

2. Change your password.

3. Remove apps you don't want accessing your account in here.


Some third party devices may not be affected by these steps though, and need to be accessed on the third party side to disconnect your account.

You may have to create a new account (check out this article on how to take your music with you).


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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This seems to be a pretty large security hole if unauthorized devices can still access my account even after signing out everywhere!


I'm having a similar issue, but with a device that technically no longer exists.


I have my Chromecast setup in Spotify, but I changed the name of my Chromecast. The new name appears in connected devices, but so does the old one.


I want to remove the old "device", but I can't, because it no longer exists and I can't connect to it. Why you would need to connect to an old device to remove it seems counterintuitive and idiotic to me, "I don't want to connect to this device ever again, so let me just re-connect one last time" lol. Just let me remove devices from my Spotify as if, you know, I'm removing them from a list.


P.S. These community pages are janky as **bleep** on mobile Chrome, I got stuck in a redirecting loop and had to move to my computer. Is everything at Spotify this fragile? What the **bleep** is my subscription paying for? lol.


Edit: LOL Spotify censors the alternate word for "heck"??? Really, guys? Didn't realize Spotify management was so delicate...


Hey @fkurevija,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


We'd recommend you follow the steps provided by @Sebasty to log out everywhere. If that doesn't work and you still see the old device name in your list of devices, you can try doing a factory reset of the Chromecast device.


We've also passed on your feedback about the difficulties posting on the page.


Hope this helps.

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I'll try signing out everywhere (as much as I don't want to), but I got
into this problem because I changed my WiFi configuration and couldn't
connect to my Chromecast so I had to factory reset it. That will not solve
the problem, but hopefully signing out everywhere will.

Thanks for the quick reply.


Edit: Sign Out Everywhere worked for me, thank you again.

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