Removing artists


Removing artists


I'm trying to delete the artists listed in the "artists" tab located in the sidebar. I'm not following any of the artists there any more, and none of their songs are listed in any other playlist of mine. Is there a way to delete them? I was able to empty the "songs" and "albums" tabs, but not this one.


I'm using Spotify on my desktop PC.

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Casual Listener

Make sure you've not got anything saved. Sounds daft, but I had one artist in there that I couldn't explain the presence of, and it turns out I'd accidentally hit save on one track from the middle of a massive playlist so I didn't notice in a quick scroll through.

Otherwise, it might just need a refresh.

Re: Removing artists


I don't think it's what he means? He just want to delete that annoying list of Artists he already has no songs saved or included in his playlists? Why can't we just click on any Artist And simply remove it? Nonsense!

Re: Removing artists


I have the same problem.  This really should be an option.