Repeat one song button is gone!!!!!!


Re: Repeat one song button is gone!!!!!!


Like I said: Tapped the Title of the Bottom, the next Screen is the "artwork"!? like you see at the first Screenshot. Then I tapped on the three Dots in the right corner and after that there is the Screen you can see on the second Screenshot.


On the artwork Screen (first Screenshot) there is no Shuffle Button on the right side, I have only the circle with a line in it for "dislike"? On other Screens here, there is a Shuffle Button?


But I've seen actually, that I'm here in the Community for Windows and not for Android. 😮

Re: Repeat one song button is gone!!!!!!

Casual Listener

Same problem. I usually keep all my albums on shuffle and repeat. Today I realized not only shuffle and repeat GONE, but they were replaced w/thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. Um, this isn't Pandora. 


So, I'm gonna give up my subscription. This was way uncool and unwarranted. I'm hardly ever sitting around wishing I could thumbs up a song, but repeat it or repeat a whole playlist; yeah I did that lots for the entire time I've had Spotify, which has been years. What a huge disappointment and quite honestly, a failure. 

Re: Repeat one song button is gone!!!!!!

Casual Listener
The repeat button is back on cover view. Thanks you Spotify!!!!