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Restore Spotify Downloaded Offline Playlists to avoid Redownloading


Restore Spotify Downloaded Offline Playlists to avoid Redownloading

Casual Listener
‎2013-07-03 10:59 AM

Feeling quite P'd off at the moment as I am a very big Spotify fan.


My account payment bounced so I was reduced from premium to regular/unpaid for a day. Fixed up the bank issue and restored Premium access within 24 hours.


My WIndows 7 Spotify player started giving me hell- when I start it, it just says initialising for a second then does nothing.

I click on it again and it says Spotify is already running please close it.


Have to manually end the process through task manager (have read other discussions re this issue) but Spotify still won't launch.


Only fix: redownload and reinstall Spotify and it will load again.


Problem: I have 3.5 GB of downloaded Premium offline playlists that I do NOT feel like having to redownload...


I backed up my original Spotify folder with the cache (3.5GB).


Is there a way for me to restore the offline cache files now? When I copy the old spotify folder in over the new one the issue with the starting and initialising but seeming to crash starts again.


Am fairly P'd off at the moment re the downloaded offline music- the reason I pay for Premium is so that I can access my playlists offline without using quota.

There needs to be a better way of securing/backing up/keeping the offline files so that there is no data loss if the player starts having issues.


Otherwise, love spotify, love the concept, love the product.



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Re: Restore Spotify Downloaded Offline Playlists to avoid Redownloading

Community Legend
‎2013-07-03 06:35 PM

Unfortunately not, in fact as soon as your subscription expired your offline content is removed anyways, there is nothing you can do but redownload it I'm afraid especially if you have done a clean reinstall.



Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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Re: Restore Spotify Downloaded Offline Playlists to avoid Redownloading

Casual Listener
‎2013-07-04 10:05 AM

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I can understand the DRM needing to be uber efficient and fast so removing any downloaded content as soon as an account gets downgraded makes sense.


My frustration is mainly because I'd been having the trouble with the previous build's downloaded content (kept having to redownload) so was annoyed I'd have to go through the process one more time. Still, apart from now I hadn't had any issues since the release of the new build so thumbs up there.


The only reason I thought I might be able to restore is because I backed up my entire spotify folder/cache (from users/appdata/local/spotify) before I did a reinstall, so I do actually have the downloaded data on my HD still.


All up though I think you're right, I'll just have to find a decent internet connection and watch my downloads get under way :\

Re: Restore Spotify Downloaded Offline Playlists to avoid Redownloading

‎2017-07-17 01:26 PM

Ok now I have a question. How do I recover my already downloded playlist? I've downloaded tons of playlist and because it take too much space on my small hdd build in my computer i've set my location for download on my usb external drive.everytime I unplug my usb drive all my songs are gone? I just got to premium account last month andI still have 2 months to go on my subscription. Any help or do I to download 30gb again?!