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Save Button Not Working


Save Button Not Working

After a recent update the Save button no longer works.  I click Save on an album and the icon for each track doesn't change.  When I check "Your Music" the album is not there.  Has anyone else come across this?


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Hey alcumming,

It's kind of a workaround, but there is.
Go to your songs list, select them all and place them in a new playlist.
Then go to the playlist and the total number of songs will be in its info.
After that, just delete the playlist if you wish.


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Getting this too, definitely havent hit the 10k song limit either.

Yes I have this problem as well

I have the same problem, albums won't save and under my albums nothing, message fails to load

I also realised, about a week ago, that the Save button wasn't working. So instead I've been using the button right next to it: ...More > Save. I used this technique with several albums yesterday only to find out today, annoyingly, that only one EP was actually added to my "Your Music".


Also thanks lewiselement, I had no idea there was a 10k limit on the number of songs! A lot of angry people have aired their grievances here, with absolutely no response from Spotify at all!:


I think Spotify should have a duty to make people aware of this before they subscribe.

Yeah my save buttons are intermittent at the moment. A lot seem to have reset from the last update maybe? I keep coming across albums I've definitely saved tracks from, which no longer have any ticks against the tracks. Now it seems when I click the tick it doesn't automatically register. It will sometimes take 3 or 4 attempts at saving it til a tick appears. I also get a variance in where I click the the save button. For instance, I've just clicked the plus symbol in the album artwork area in the bottom left of the desktop player, and it's registered a tick, but the corresponding track in the album on the right hand side, doesn't have a tick. This can often be the same when going between a specific album page, and then out again to the artists album list. Tick in one place, but then not the other. It's pretty annoying, especially considering this is what's replaced the starring, which I never had a problem with and wish was brought back.

Hi, I am experimenting this issue for a while (at least since 2-3 updates). The "save" button relative to each album is not working: when pressed, it soon reverts to its original state, instead of presenting the "Saved" label.



I'm not able to save any album anymore...I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible!



Yup, same issue here: saved songs appearing not to be saved (still with the plus icon, no tick), having to click save several times to save an album.

I'm now almost certain that these 2 problems are related. When you have too many songs saved to Your Music, the Save button ceases to function. Mine hadn't even reached the much-discussed 10,000 limit, but I found that after I'd removed several albums the Save button started working again.


It's extremely annoying. If Spotify won't increase the 10,000-song limit, why can't they just be upfront about it? It would save a lot of stress if you get an alert message when you reach the limit; something like: "Your Music has now reached the maximum number of songs available. You can no longer save any more music unless you remove some first".

Yeah, after playing about with it the limit isn't 10,000 tracks but 10,000 items which really gives you less than 10,000 tracks since an "album" save counts as one + all of the tracks on that album I think.

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I'm not so sure, Peter.


I have a suspicion that it comes down to the total of all file sizes rather than the actual number of tracks. My "Your Music" only reached about 9,150 songs before it refused to Save any more. This included all the available Fela Kuti discography (most of which I have on CD or iTunes anyway). Many of the tracks on those albums are 15 – 20 minutes long, the equivalent of each side of a vinyl album. I think 10,000 tracks is used as an average; in much the same way as an iPod might nominally hold 10,000 tracks, but if many of those are longer than average it actually holds a lot less.


I have removed most of the music which I already owned, and I believe this has freed up space to enable me to save to "Your Music" again. Until Spotify sees fit to increase the limit (or trash it altogether) I think I'm going to have to manage my "Your Music" collection quite carefully.

It's unlikely to be the track length, the Your Music system essentially just holds URIs that point to content, not the content itself in the same way if you copy and paste stuff from playlists into plain text you just end up with the identifiers:


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Ok, it seems that the issue is definitively related to the number of saved songs in some way (about 9300 in my case)...I have removed some of them and the save functionality works again (but now I have another issue on the PC client: the albums and artists sections return an error and don't load anything...).


I agree that at least we should be notified when this songs limit is reached...

I've had that problem as well, several times over the last few weeks. Very frustrating.

Since some days also the albums and artists sections work for me. Everything is ok now.

Same stupid issue here...


Reached about 9300 songs in "Your Music" and save button stopped working...

This is completely absurd.


Also, I too think Spotify should be more upfront about the 10K song limit. I only heard of it now while searching for a solution for this problem.

Happened to me with Blind Guardian albums only to find out a couple of days later that were taken down from spotify.

Any news on this? Is it a bug or is there another limit other than the horrific 10,000 song limit? I've still not been able to transfer my starred tracks to Your Music due to this - since Starred beckame useless when starring of tracks was buried and no longer easily accessed nor displayed in playlists artist pages. I have 8,300 songsa and can no longer save...

The limit isn't 10,000 songs, it is 10,000 items. So if you save a lot of albums an album counts as the number of tracks on the album + 1 (the album itself) which gives you less than 10,000 songs - although I would think 8,300 is still a little low.

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Due to this ridiculous limit I have not saved one single album – only songs. Removing saved songs helped and currently it's working – while on 8100 songs/items.

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