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Saved Songs No Longer Appear in Artists Section; Bug Or By Design?


Saved Songs No Longer Appear in Artists Section; Bug Or By Design?

At some point, presumably due to an update, the Artists section under Your Library stopped displaying all the artists whose music I have saved, and now only those I have followed appear.


Furthermore, when I now click on those artists I am taken to their page, whereas before it would show me a list of all the music I had saved. I've checked and all the music is still saved, so why is the Artist tab now acting like this?


I've tried re-installing on desktop and that did nothing, but rolling back to a previous version on Android fixed the problem, so I'm worried that this is in fact something the devs have intentionally done, for some bizarre reason.


EDIT: I've just rolled back to a previous version on Windows and now the saved songs are appearing as they should, but I'm still only seeing Artists I've followed displaying, not everyone I've saved music by.


EDIT 2: Why has this problem been marked as solved when the 'solution' just says 'lol you cant do that anymore soz'. That's like a hospital considering a surgery successful because the patient died and is therefore no longer suffering from their malady.

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Same problem here, the fact that it's considered a feature really bothers me. I've always used my Artist Library to easily navigate my favourite songs and now I really don't know how to use the app anymore. Also, I often save songs which I think I could like but don't have the time to listen on the spot for further exploring, the majority of which are now lost to me cause the only thing I have is the band name and I have to search their entire album history to find them again. I've never really used the Playlist feature as I prefer to create my queque as I go and make a new sequence every time.  Furthermore I can't really see the reason of this change, because with the old system I could easily reach the artist's main page with maybe just one more click than the actual option. I'll go and download an older version of the app, PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD SYSTEM! IT ALREADY WAS THE MOST LOGICAL METHOD OF ORGANIZING THE ARTISTS SECTION!

This is sad. I feel like after having used Spotify happily for more than 7 years, it's stopped being a music library and turned into some kind of referral service. The only thing that seems easy to find anymore is 1) what I have listened to recently, as if I only want to repeat the same 20 selections over and over and 2) music I have never listened to before. Like everyone else here, I would appreciate being able to organize my library in a sensible way regardless of what artists i "follow" or whether or not their full album or only part of it is "saved." I don't want to have to spend time making playlists of individual artists' work over the years just to be able to play their music by album or shuffle through their songs that I like while skipping the others. It no longer has the feeling of a music collection that I have any ownership of... Sad to say it might be time to find an alternative to Spotify.

I want to add my support against this "feature," which I thought would be quickly rolled back shortly after being released (because nobody seems to like it). Being able to browse my library by artist or album is CRITICAL and has been a feature of literally every music player I have used for the past 15 years. I have hundreds of artists in my library, and I am not going to each of their individual pages to "favorite" them just so I can see the songs I've saved by each one. This honestly feels like spotify forcing people to use the favoriting/feed/subscription stuff that nobody really cares about using. I cannot wait for the day that my favorite artists, who comprise my library, actually show up in the artists tab instead of this mocking message. Also props to the spotify support team who are ignoring all of these complaints, basically telling people to get F'd and this is the way things will be now. Seriously considering migrating to a different streaming service.


Absolutely trash update. Typical Spotify stupidity. 

This sounds incredible. Listening the songs you like of a specific artist is the BASIC feature of every music app. You go into your artists, you pick up one you want to listen, and you run the songs list... Removing this feature is making the app purely and simply useless.


What the **bleep** happened in the head of the one who took this decision? Stunning. 

This is why I am currently testing out Amazon. It actually has that basic functionality!

This is a completely unnecessary step! This drives me crazy!! Since the new UI update months ago, users have to like the song, like the album, AND follow the artist if they want to sort their music like it used to be for years! Why would we have to do all three?? And if the user hasn't already done all three in the past, they have to go to each song to cross-reference whether you've done this?!? The new way of sorting your music is absolutely bonkers 😡

Amen! Whoever is making these decisions should be fired. They make Apple Music look like a better option. 


Well it doesn't seem to matter, going through all of the artists that I have followed it says I am still following them but none of them show up under the Artists tab in Your Library....


EDIT: After going to the artists page, I clicked unfollow, then reclicked follow to start following them again, all of my artists have returned. Simple solution, hope it sticks. Kinda stupid that you have to do it at all.


EDIT #2: Well, it didn't stick. So having to do the unfollow refollow fix will be something I have to do every time I open spotify. This is bogus... feels like DayZ all over. All the features in the beginning just stripped away to a bare minimum pile of junk.

I finally canceled my Spotify Premium because of this ridiculous design. How they ever thought taking away the basic functionality of being able to browse your liked music by artists is beyond me. And the fact they haven't changed it back after the response is truly ridiculous. I've switched to Amazon. I'm not sure how much I love it yet, but at least I can browse my liked music by know, like you should be able to do in ANY music app. Bye Spotify!!!!!

To make it short. I moved over from Tidal yesterday because of this feature, a friend of mine told me about. Now, I learned that it was removed. Cannot believe such a nonsense and will move back to Tidal right now.

I will never understand and accept why more and more service providers think they know better what I want and need as I myself. And then they tell me it is all better and improved and blablabla. Just listen: you do not know anything about me. And I know you do not care for me at all, just for my money.

So to make you think I will leave, and maybe many others too.

I guess Spotify's idea of "streamlined experience" is forcing everyone to turn every album and artist they have saved tracks from into playlists to preserve basic functionality. Literally just more work and hassle for the customer.

Just another example of "Reduce development costs, and increase marketing bull*sheet* instead. It is much cheaper."

I changed to Amazon Music, as they have this implemented pretty well and I opted for HD, which means higher quality. But they do not offer contributing to shared playlists. It is so frustrating that none of this billion dollar companies are able to offer a solid and comprehensive service. I hate this new world, really, I do.

What up, my guy, Peter! It's 2020 and your UI is still trash. Please give us our artists back.

I honestly hate that I have to look for the artist I wanna listen to because I refuse to follow people. I don't want to follow artists I want to listen to music. Spotify shouldn't be made up like a social media account with "likes" and "follows" its so stupid. I bet you guys haven't noticed that there's even songs that are saved under an artist name that you guys don't realize is there. For example, I like some songs by Beyonce but I'll go to the artist page in the recommended follow drop box where they technically keep all of the artists' you have music saved from them, and I see there's like 15 songs that are saved together with the songs I liked by her. Sort of like a way to listen more to her music and that's basically a scam. Probably wouldn't have gotten Spotify if I knew this nonsense would happen. So much for being a loyal member who can't even listen to music normally anymore.

I hate this new online world. Everything is simplified for those 80% basic users, throwing out advanced features for advanced users to reduce development costs...

I mean, why just why do all those streaming services remove the possibility for rating songs, you then could use for filtering (maybe because most of them don‘t even have filters anymore 😉).


I changed to Amazon Music HD. It is not perfect (no cooperatively editing of playlists), but at least they distinguish between your library and theirs. So you can listen to all songs of an artist you like (i.e. you added to your library or to a playlist). And they have higher quality.

As mentioned above, I have also switched to Amazon. As said by above post, it is not perfect, but with the importance of basic browsing by artist, it will be my music streaming app moving forward. I will consider coming back to Spotify only if they decide to bring back the basic functionality of being able to browse (and play) the songs you have liked (and only those you have liked) by artist. It is still crazy how they have shown no interest despite the widespread criticism. 

Dude, me too! I always used spotify as "Like the single song" → "View the single song under an artist" → All my favourite songs are saved.

This update comes along, and fills up my artists section with a bunk of garbage songs I dislike. Had to spend a couple hours following artists and unliking full albums just to restore Spotify to somewhat how it was before this awful update

Why is this tagged as 'solution'? This is no solution, as it just tells us that it is not possible. Very strange understanding of a 'solution'. Normally solutions solve problems, not confirming them.
And, sorry, but what is this marketing blabla all about? "Streamlined experience"? What does this mean? What is a streamlined experience?

Please, if you want to say nothing then just say nothing, and save us the time to read a notification email and follow to this unnecessary post. We all have more than enough emails and better things to do.

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