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Saved Spotify Songs Appear unsaved in Albums and in Artist pages

Saved Spotify Songs Appear unsaved in Albums and in Artist pages

My Question or Issue

I can see all my saved songs in the songs tab as per usual but whenever I go into an artists page or album the songs don't appear to be saved. This does not affect all albums but the majority of them. I'm not able to find a correlation between the issue and the albums. The albums that have been affected seem random.



Android device and windows device.


In the songs tabIn the songs tabIn the album through the artists pageIn the album through the artists page


1 Reply

Hey @notoriginal.


This can happen if there are multiple versions of the same album. You could have saved a different version which is why the songs don't show as saved at a glance.


Some content has multiple versions since the albums may be sent to Spotify multiple times by an aggregator, distributor, or label. Also, having songs in a LP, or Single, as well as an album can create duplicates of the same song.


I hope this helps.



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