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See which tags a track/playlist/radio has

See which tags a track/playlist/radio has

I keep having trouble creating the perfect radio station based on a playlist. Possibly because my playlists sometimIs this possible?es really can not be represented by a set of genres but rather a set of genres with exceptions.


I would like to create a radio station based on a playlist, then review which tags/genres the radio station resulted in. I would then like to remove or add tags/genres from that list so that I can make sure that no RnB is in my radio even though there was a Rhianna song somewhere in the playlist 🙂


Is this possible?

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Unfortunately not, the only way to tweak radio stations is using the thumbs, and even that doesn't really work most of the time.

If you want to suggest this as a future change, head over to the Ideas Exchange and suggest it there (after searching first!):

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