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Shuffle and Repeat Preferences Don't Stick


Shuffle and Repeat Preferences Don't Stick









Operating System

Win 10

My Question or Issue

Bottom line - Shuffle/Repeat float with my account and don't stick on a specific device. 


Here's what I'm talking about - I was at my desk listening on the Windows app this morning.  Since I was listening to an album, I didn't have shuffle or repeat on.  I always listen to albums in the order the artist specified when the album was cut.  Had to drive somewhere and when I got into my truck, my phone connected to the stereo and began playing the playlist I'd listened to at the gym this morning.  That's expected behavior - phone picks up where it left off and hadn't changed to what I'd been listening to on my desktop.  Since it was a playlist, I had it set to shuffle and repeat.  Got back home and the desktop app was showing the playlist from my phone.  Hmmm...  That's not what I want.  I picked an album I wanted to listen to and hit play.  It took a couple of songs for me to realize the order was wrong.  Sure enough, the desktop app (which had shuffle and repeat turned off when I left this morning) had changed to reflect the shuffle/repeat settings on my phone - unexpected behavior.  Can you do something about this or is it by design?  If by design, what's the logic behind it?

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Re: Shuffle and Repeat Preferences Don't Stick

Rock Star 9
Rock Star 9

I think that's how it's supposed to be. When use the same account on different devices, they're syncing. 

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Re: Shuffle and Repeat Preferences Don't Stick


Might be the way it supposed to be, but it's not consistent between devices.  I used Spotify on my phone this morning at the gym and in my truck.  When I got home, my desktop was showing the playlist I'd been using on my phone.  I played something different on my desktop and when I left later this morning, my phone (in my truck) was back to the playlist from the gym.  Then when I got back home, the desktop app was back to that playlist as well.  So it appears the phone doesn't change to reflect the desktop settings, but the desktop changes to reflect the phone settings.


It's obvious that my preference is to keep each device independent, but regardless of what is supposed to happen, it should at least be consistent and not vary based on platform.