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Shuffle playing a couple songs (or more) from an artist too close together

Shuffle playing a couple songs (or more) from an artist too close together

Summary of the problem: shuffle tends to play two or more songs in a row by the same artist when it should be avoiding that.







PC & Samsung Galaxy S9+

Operating System

Windows 7 & Android Pie


My Question or Issue

I have posted about this issue before (see here) but the only answer I got was that the same problem had been reported before with a link to that post but it was not the same and because my post was then locked I need to post a new one because this problem has still not been fixed.


The problem is that when I play any playlist on shuffle, by having the shuffle button on and double-clicking on a playlist, double-clicking on a song in a playlist or by clicking on the play button inside a playlist, and there are at least 2 songs by the same artist in that playlist, then they are paired togeather in the queue most of the time on every shuffle. And it does not matter if the playlist is long or short, I just created a new playlist today and I have a total of 17 songs in it with 2 of them by the same artist and when I shuffle it those 2 songs appear next to each other many times. I can go around this problem with this short playlist by shuffling a few times and watching the queue to see if the songs are together or not or I can just go to the queue and move one of the songs away from the other one but I shouldn't have to do that and it gets worse with longer playlists where I might even have a few artists with more than one song. And this happens on both my computer and phone.


Way back in april of 2014 you posted about Shuffle Improvements where you claimed that you had improved the shuffling algorithm "that avoids playing a couple songs from an artist too close together" but now more than 5 years and a lot of updates to the program later the shuffling algorithm does not work like that.


Please forward this to your team and fix this. And don't link this post to another shuffle problem post unless it's the exact same issue, I've looked through a lot of posts here about shuffling problems but none of them are reporting the same issue as I am. I've seen some comments on posts on other shuffling problems where people mention this problem so I know it's not just happening to me.

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This topic can be deleted, I accidentally made duplicate topics (see the other topic here).

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