Skipping issue (jumps/only a few seconds/scratched)


Skipping issue (jumps/only a few seconds/scratched)

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I've had this issue since a week. The same issue that many others have posted. After playing a few seconds every song skips like crazy.

I tried all the solutions that have been posted here. Drivers, new install, audio settings, spotify settings, etc etc, I even tried the web player and the issue is still there. Please let me roll back to an older version!
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Re: Skipping issue (jumps/only a few seconds/scratched)


Hey @andresbonelli, thanks for reaching out to us!


Is this happening to your local files or songs from the Spotify catalog? Also, have you noticed if it happens to the same songs or any song you play?


In the meantime, try turning your internet router off for 30 seconds and back on before trying again.


Let me know how it goes.

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