Some Songs Will Play/Others Wont

Some Songs Will Play/Others Wont







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Windows 10


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Hey, so I'm having this issue and I figure you all can help. The desktop spotify app currently is giving me some significant trouble that has been aggravating to say the least.


My current issue is some songs will play, others will not. List of troubleshooting steps taken already:

-Restarting the app

-Re-logging into the app

-Reinstalling the app

-Ran it as Admin

-Restarting the entire system

-Checked internet connectivity and the router page (I have no VPN in use)

-Reconfigured DNS

-Checked firewall settings with security system as well as deactivated them for confirmation

-Attempted a fix where one would go into Notepad as Admin and pull up the "host" file


Nothing has worked. It was giving me issues before this current issue that was similar to this issue, but a reinstall at that time worked. This time it did not.


What can I do? This is incredibly frustrating to pay premium only to have to deal with these issues suddenly coming up out of the blue



I will say this seems to be isolated to the downloaded application side, as pulling up the webplayer seems to play all the music just fine without any issue.


The current version I have was just downloaded from the Web Page provided here today


I also just attempted another full re-install while removing the files from the appdata section to make sure nothing was left.


I have also attempted a fix where one would log out twice in a row


Autoplay is also turned on

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Hey there @Kerozin,


Thanks for reaching out about this and for sharing this detailed description with us.


Can you let us know if the song which won't play are grayed out or just unplayable? Are they skipped automatically or does the app just start the songs and stay on 00:00 sec.?


Does this happen with podcast episodes as well?


Looking forward to your reply.


We'll do our best to help 🙂

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