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Some albums don't show up on artist page

Some albums don't show up on artist page

I've noticed that on some artist pages spotify doesn't show all albums, but if you search for the album title you'll find it. For example if you go to Eminems artist page you can see the edited version of "Recovery" but the unedited version is no where to be found. If you use the lookup bar and search for "Recovery", however, it does show up in search results. Is there any reason spotify would choose to show some albums on an artist page and not others?

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Hum, OK, try this go to Eminem's artist page, I am posting a URI link to his artist page, the link should open in your desktop app if you have signed into it already. The link is here spotify:artist:7dGJo4pcD2V6oG8kP0tJRR once at the artist page, scroll down until you find that release Recovery, click on the Album title name Recovery to go to the Album Page view of this release, and now look down in the lower right hand corner, do you see an oval button that says 1 MORE RELEASE, with an arrow pointing downward? Click on it and it should pull down a selection option to click on the other album link to this title release, and this should take you to the explicit version of the release now if you click on it?



A special note to other users, who are looking for clean versions of releases for work place listening. If you come across an album release that is showing the EXPLICIT label in the track titles and/or with the explicit warning on the Album cover art. Users can click on the Album titles in the artist pages to take them to the Album page view, and users can use the oval MORE RELEASE button option lower right hand corner under the track listing of the release being viewed, this oval button when clicked on will to get users to other releases available under that release title name if they exist to get to clean versions and/or alternate release versions of that title release.

What you can do to find those is for example: if you like Kajagoogoo, and you can't find Gone To The Moon, you can search on google: Kajagoogoo or add the album or song title after the artist and you'll eventually find it, click go to Spotify, and you got it.

I have seen this myself, for my own band funily enogh, i cant seem to find the solution

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