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Some saved albums don't show up (they are not removed from Spotify, separate issue) VIDEO PROOF

Some saved albums don't show up (they are not removed from Spotify, separate issue) VIDEO PROOF

I have searched for this problem and I cannot find this specific issue anywhere.






Lenovo ThinkPad Extreme

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I have a lot of saved albums on Spotify.  Recently, on my laptop, I have discovered that about half of my albums from each artist don't appear in my albums list.  NOTE that they are not removed from Spotify; I can search for them and the artist and they are still there.  But the albums don't show up in my library of albums, even though they are saved.  You can refer to the video link below of what it looks like.  For example, only 7 David Bowie albums show up, but when I click on the artist, you can see that I have 16 albums saved!  I re-save the albums and they appear in my library of albums.  On my phone and iPad, all of my saved albums DO show up without any of re-saving nonsense, so this is a Windows only issue.  

Video link:

Also, I would like to say that I posted a thread similar to this yesterday and it was removed overnight without notice.  I think it was a mistake, as this thread sounds a lot like other threads.  But I assure you I couldn't find this problem anywhere on the forums.  

2 Replies

I had the same problem. I have over 70 albums saved to my library, and they were all showing up in the android app as well as in the web player. But in the desktop app (Windows 10, Microsoft Surface Pro), only FOUR of my saved albums were appearing.


I uninstalled & re-installed the desktop app - problem got fixed. Hope this solution works for you

Hey, just noticed right now that all 839 of my albums are visible now.  I think I counted only about 550 before I removed and re-added a bunch back to my library.  This occurred sometime within the past day.  I hadn't reinstalled yet either, so magic voodoo, update, or something else happened I guess.  Problem solved for me.  

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