Something went wrong


Something went wrong

Just re-upped spotify. After it auto-updated on launch I'm trying to look up artists and such and i'm constantly getting "Something went wrong"


Searching an Artist, click to see their 'page' and boom, something went wrong. It's impossible to search anything. Windows desktop btw.


Any ideas?



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Happening to me frequently when I try and navigate to the artist page. Very frustrating. Desktop app, Windows 8

   Just started having this problem with every single search. Here's the rub: getting it on version which never had problems before.  Why Because the last 2 updates auto kick me out of Spotify within a few seconds no matter what, so they are unusable. So the solution has been using an older version. So guess what? Logging in and out isn't an option. I can't add music. I can't log out or it will auto update to something unusable. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling older versions. Is Spotify trying to get rid of customers?


This started happening to me just today. Spotify doesn't seem to want to sync my playlists between desktop and mobile anymore either, and on mobile I keep getting a message saying "Go online to see menu" when I try to open the menu to add a track to playlist. Hope this can be fixed soon. 🙂

Same here, after upgrading to

 Restarted the client and got an update, this did not fix the issue.

I'm also having the "something went wrong" thingy. I'm just trying to find the name of a Meshuggah song and I can't get to the bands page. I will add that when I'm trying to find a page, the auto result thingy (or whatever it is that appears below the search bar when you're trying to search something) stops after the first two or three letters. So that's two things I'm having an issue with.

My pc client stopped searching, same with android, me thinks its a sever issue?

Seems like a server issue... I got the same thing. Let's just wait, maybe they'll fix it.

Receiving something went wrong for any text search, clicking on an artist or album.

Definitely server issues, getting no search results, artist or album pages on Windows, Android, and web player.

"Google has long been a thought-leader in this space, and this shows in the sophistication and quality of its data offerings"

Leader of monkeys!!!


For me works when I click on an album or a song (for example from a playlist). I hope I am the one who was transfered to Google Cloud. The worst service ever!




I just notice that while I can't access most band pages such as Meshuggah and the Black Dahlia Murder, I can access more popular pages such as AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

Hey @Anamon @AngryClient @aamp91 @mcrawford620 ! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


It seems Spotify got some server problems.   *Tweet*

But they're aleady working on a fix. Check @SpotifyStatus for more updates. ^^



Working again for me! 🙂

Sesrched for The Monkey's. It doesn't show them. It shows Peter Noone of the Monkeys, which is wrong, at least 4 song are credit that way. This Peter was with HERMIN'S HERMITS. Just found out it's Monkees with 2 e's.

My Spotify premium when something is wrong when restart when failed

How is this problem still not fixed? I'm running the latest Spotify on galaxy s7 and I still get this error even after reinstalling the app. I've used all the streaming services and Spotify has to be the buggiest app out of them! Are you guys subcontracting your app to some **bleep**ty development teams?

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