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Song Skips/Glitches

Song Skips/Glitches


I've been trying to listen to a couple of the albums by Streetlight Manifesto.

For a few tracks (Watch It Crash, Somewhere In the Between, We Are the Few, and A Better Place, a Better Time), the first 10 seconds of the song plays as normal.

After that the audio jumps to another part in the song quickly before jumping again.

This lasts about 15 seconds before going to complete silence for the remainder of the track.

The audio bar doesn't jump to these random parts in the song, it moves as normal...

Have tried the usual log out/in and restart (as well as reinstalling), but the problem still occurs.

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Hey @signorbolle, welcome to the Spotify Community!

Are you still having this issue? I may be able to help.

Looking forward to your response 🙂



I've just contacted Spotify support today, with what I believe may be a related issue.

I've noticed many many tracks with audible glitches in the audio, at around the 9 to 11 second mark. On a Windows machine, I also did experience the dropout of playback at that time marker, on at least one track. On a Mac, the problem is corrupted audio at that time marker on the tracks. I am still testing tracks, but I strongly suspect there may also be a problem with tracks around the 28 to 30-second mark. Here's a list of sample tracks I've forwarded to Spotify support, which all have small digital pops/distortions at the 9 to 11 second time marker... I suspect that there are many more; this was just a set I discovered quickly, while browsing around...

(this song definitely has additional glitches elsewhere in the track)
(this song definitely has additional glitches elsewhere in the track)

Carla Morrison -

Land of Talk - Life After Youth
(this song definitely has additional glitches elsewhere in the track)

(this is an example of a track that also has glitches in the ca. 28- to 30-second range)

Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon
(this is an example of a track that also has glitches in the ca. 28- to 30-second range)










I tested about half of those songs on my own machine (2012 Macbook Pro) and didn't find any of the audio problems you mentioned. Could you try them again and let me know if they still occur for you? It might be possible that the audio issue is with your computer and not the songs themselves.

Let me know!

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your reply, and for taking the time to try some of the links.

I'm currently in conversation with Spotify tech support on the issue.

I've been able to determine that it is only happening on playback on the
Spotify web player application, not the desktop app.
Not sure where you were listening, but, perhaps that was a factor.

Also note, these are very small but distinct digital glitches (pops) and
you might not catch them if not using high-quality headphones and
monitoring system.

We've been focusing on just one particular track, to keep things simple:

Carla Morrison - Déjenme Llorar

- on the web player, there is a distinct digital pop between 9-10 second
- on the desktop player, it doesn't happen
- I've reproduced the web player audio glitch on various Mac and Windows
machines, reliably.

- you can, in fact, detect similar glitches on the other tracks on this
album, at the same time mark, if you're curious.

I'll be curious to know if you can reproduce it, listening in the web
player app, not the desktop app.
Please note that you should close the desktop app entirely, when checking
the playback on the web player app.

If I learn anything further in conversations with Spotify tech support,
I'll post details here.

best, /Nick



That would explain it then, I was listening through the Desktop app 🙂

I just checked on the Web Player and I did indeed hear a distinct pop right before the 10 second mark, nice catch.

Please do keep me updated on the tech support conversation 🙂 And let me know if you want me to check any other songs or anything else for you.

Also, side note, that song is ridiculously good, I'll definitely be adding it to a playlist or two and checking out more from that artist at some point!


Great, thanks for checking, and, very interesting info. That clustering
around "9"s is peculiar. I'll share that with the tech support people, too.

I'll definitely post any news that I hear back on this issue.

P.S. Yes, isn't that a great song? 🙂


Hi Jacob,


Just sharing a little update from the ongoing conversation with Spotify tech support.

I tested further - I'd only tested operating systems, and desktop vs. web app - but tried different browsers, too.


As far as I can tell, the problem is limited to playback using the web player, on Firefox.

I didn't hear the problem on Chrome or Safari. I'm curious - were using Firefox for playback, when you hear the problem?


So, still no word on what the cause is, but, seems like the focus has narrowed considerably, and I'm guessing must be related to some handling of the streaming audio, since it doesn't manifest in the desktop app, which I presume accesses the same audio source file as the web player. Some interaction between Firefox and the Spotify streaming servers... will let you know if it's finally solved.


best, /Nick



Thanks for the update!

Yes, I can confirm I was using Firefox when I checked on that song. Great work on narrowing it down!

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