Song Volume Fades to Nothing

Song Volume Fades to Nothing

The volume of my songs playing fades out until cannot be heard at all. This only happens at a low volume. So if I want to have songs playing in the background at a low volume I can't. It happens when Spotify volume is at about 20-30%


Any help with this would be great.

I have tried reinstalling and it did not help.

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Did you check your volume on your device but not on spotify. Help for on spotify: did you turn of normalize volume, if you have prenuim turn on high quality streaming. windows help: try to see your master volume, check spotify files and see the music files and see if theres a file that makes the music fade when your volume changes delete the random file. tell me if these work

None of these worked and why would spotify have a file to make the sound go from 20-30% to nothing but doesn't change the volume on the actual application. It is ridiculous. Also uninstalling and deleting all files should fix the problem if it was a rogue file. 


Any other help would be appreciated.

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