Song don't play when I click them


Song don't play when I click them

Casual Listener
  • Spotify username: Likeilin
  • Your device: PC
  • Your device's operating system: Windows 10
  • The Spotify version installed:  The latest as of 7/8/17.  Uninstalled/reinstalled twice.  Then tried installing an earlier version of 1.7 (per a related thread).  

Premium user for past year.  No problems until yesterday.  Nothing was changed in terms of hardware or software.  Suddenly I clicked on a song and nothing played (I've tried clicking from Artist page, from album, doesn't matter).  Instead, the only thing that plays are songs in my Queue.  I updated all of my drivers - didn't fix it.


I tried all the troubleshooting suggested in other threads (clear cache/disable premium sound/disable hardware acceleration/enable premium sound etc)....all of those suggestions were completely ineffectual.


Once, after a fresh install (so there was no Queue list), I clicked a song and it endlessly cycled very rapidly through all the songs under the Artist, but nothing ever actually played.  Then I went to Queue view and I see all the songs by that Artist rapidly cycling through as being the one played, but I heard nothing not even a nano-second burst of song before it cycled to the next one.  I minimized the player and finally it stopped cycling long enough to start playing a song (not the one I originally clicked on of course).


After spending the past 2 hours trying to fix this, reading dozens of threads, and seeing how Spotify twice closed a thread to merge it with another, but without solving anything, and once they even linked to a thread for more solutions that actually was back to the original thread(!), I'm pretty discouraged.  I will be unsubscribing if this doesn't get fixed ASAP.