Song starts playing over current track

Song starts playing over current track






Acer Swift 3 (also happened on Lenovo WorkPad)

Operating System

Windows 10 (also seen on 7)


My Question or Issue


Sometimes (I think always after a track in a playlist has played as a video which I've skipped over because videos are annoying and this is a 'feature' we should be able to opt out of) one of the songs from earlier in a playlist will start playing over the tracks that I am currently trying to listen to. If I go into my computer's task manager and happen to pick the right spotify process to end then I am able to stop the extra track from playing, otherwise spotify just has to be closed and reopened.


If I had to guess, there is a bug in the video code that creates a process when the video starts, and doesn't close itself down properly when the track gets skipped over. You should fix this. You should also give us the option not to have videos. There is a reason we are using spotify and not youtube (and yes I have voted for the idea on Option to disable Videos in curated Playlists which you guys acknowledged was a good idea in February but haven't bothered to implement.)

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Hey @CaptainUserName,


Sorry for the delay. We always check for ideas and take them into consideration as we try to improve the overall listening experience for everyone. 


This doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to enjoy your tunes without any issues, and we'd like to help you out as much as we can.


Does this only happen when you skip videos, or with other playlists not containing any videos? We suggest that you do a clean reinstall in case there's something with the app.


If you could send us a video of an example, that'd be great too. 


Keep us posted 🙂




I've got a video of Jess Glynne playing over the current James Arthur track, and when I open the task manager I'm able to kill the spotify process for the JG track while keeping the rest of spotify working as it should. The process that needs to be killed also seems to be using more RAM than the other spotify processes.

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